new student... phone or pda?

  1. Hello all!

    I will be starting Nursing school in the fall and was wondering what platform should I try for my drug references. The school said we could get either Unbound Medicine or Skyscape. I own an an Android phone now and was going to just use that but I have herd from some that phones are not allowed in hospitals and in clinicals. Hearing that I started thinking about just getting an iPod touch to carry around and just leave my phone at the station or in my car. Does anyone think that its just best to use the phone and turn off the phone part or just avoid the issues and get an iPod touch...

    Thanks for you input
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  3. by   Byaggha
    I'd go grab the PDA if you're planning on clinical use, simply because a lot of facilities do have that policy you mentioned. Even though an itouch looks the same as an iphone, the fact it isn't a phone makes all the difference in these cases. It'd be easier to grab the itouch if you've got the cash just to avoid the hassle. Plus, you'd get the added benefit of it being pretty much a dedicated nursing machine and it wouldn't tempt you to make calls.
  4. by   Chris NS
    actually i am thinking of myself getting an ipod touch for helpping me out in the clinics
  5. by   Chris NS
    now if you are allowed with phones in clinics and labs than if I where using the iphone I would use that , but usually thats not the case, so I see the ipod touch is the best next to prob a palm poliet

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