Need planner app for itouch

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    I just got an touch and want to use it to keep track of everything for nursing school. Does anyone have calendar / planner apps that they love? I am used to carrying around a fraklin planner but I will have enough stuff to forget this fall.

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    I haven't gotten to try it out in real life yet but I've downloaded ihomework to keep track of assignments and tests. I have it on my iPad/ iPhone and Mac but I'm sure they have it for touch too. I still plan to use the native calendar for appointments and day to day plans. I prefer to keep school assignments separate from my " life ".
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    I just downloaded Ihomework and wow! It is pretty amazing!! Thanks!
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    Your welcome. I really think it'll work out well for me. I even downloaded pictures of my books to insert in the book list. There are spots to put pics of instructors too . . . I think once I get to meet the faculty I'll have to find cartoon pics for them all

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