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More fuel for the Unbound/Skyscape debate

  1. 0 There's been an ongoing debate here about what nursing software to use on a PDA or phone. I use an iPod Touch with Unbound Nursing Central, and RN Notes, Nursing Diagnosis Handbook (Ackley...), and Lippincott's Nursing Procedures Manual, all from Skyscape. However, Yesterday, I encountered a new wrinkle. I upgraded from a 1st gen iPod 16GB to a 3rd gen 32GB (mainly because it's really full of music, all the apps take up relatively little room). I called Unbound and they changed my device status right then and it downloaded my current subscription to the new iPod. I had sent an e-mail with all the app information to Skyscape the night before. When I retrieved my e-mail the next morning, I was advised that my device status had been adjusted there, also, allowing me to download my current subscriptions. There was one difference, however. I had chosen not to renew the subscription for the Procedures manual, choosing to use it as is, as it's not updated very often. I discovered that with Skyscape, I had to opt-in for an annual $25 Platinum membership to allow a non-subscribed/expired title to be transferred to a new device. Since I had so many titles, I decided to pay up. Overall, my support experience with both providers was quick and painless, but I do wish I could have held onto my $25. --j
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    Hmmm - I didn't know that.

    I think the debate between Unbound/Skyscape comes from where you are in the nursing spectrum:

    Seems to me that students like the Unbound because it comes ready-made with a constellation of info.

    However, as an APN, I like SKyscape because it can be customized: I do renal and ER so have a wide variety of apps from skyscape.

    However, I wouldn't use most of the unbound ones anymore.