Mobile Resources for Nursing Students

  1. I am an advocate of using technology to facilitate a better working environment and improved patient outcomes(and of course less back problems from carrying 50 pounds of books to class and clinicals). I would like to provide those interested in apps for your mobile device a list of resources I have found to work well. I use the iphone/ipad but most of these are available for most mobile devices.

    eBook readers: You can find many of the books you might need on one of the many ebook readers which also have apps to use on your mobile devices. The Kindle app has proved to return the most but check them all for each book you need. These apps offer an interface that is much like using a paper book with added features like highlighting and search. Apps are free, book prices vary.

    Kno Textbooks: This is an app where you can purchase textbooks in a digital form to reduce the gigantic stack of printed books you need. It is a very neat app that allows you to sort purchased books by semester and class and also has the features you find in ebook readers. In addition however, it has features I find amazing, like you can import pdf files into your classes, create a journal from textbooks and pdfs that make studying efficient, and my favorite, you can use a quiz me feature to automatically create a quiz from any image in a textbook. The app is free, textbook prices vary and are less expensive than printed editions.

    Skyscape: This is an app that provides nursing resource books. It's pretty neat because it comes with a lot of interactive material including calculators, flow charts and cross indexing between resources. If anyone is interested in purchasing resources from skyscape for use on mobile devices, the following link will provide a 20% discount.

    Always check with your school and clinical sight about using digital resources, however I have found that most places are very receptive to the idea.
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    Thanks for the info! I use lexicomp on my android. Its great for meds.