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  1. i have recently begun my 3rd semester rn program. i am looking for a tablet or smaller computer i can carry in my pocket at school and the hospital as i have started my clinicals now. i for sure want it for my "drug cards" for the hospital i would rather have them in my computer than file cards. i am also planning on getting davis drug guide for my refernces also. there are a few aps i would love to have for my nursing studies.
    my problem, i have a smart phone, samsung epic, sprint carrier. my school and hospital will not allow cell phones. so i'm thinking of getting the tablet (or something). which is a good option for me. i wanted a bit bigger screen so itouch maybe a little small for me. oh yea, and they don'y have wifi at school and student nurses not allowed to acess wifi at hospital.
    if anyone has any ideas for me i would very much appreciate any info. i am not very techy and not great with computer stuff, but i'll try. and i plan on using this for my nursing studies, not games.
    thank you all for your time.
    hc :redpinkhe
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  3. by   sandnnw
    There are smaller tablets than the iPad.

    Notably, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 might be what you are looking for. The first tablet from Samsung, it's also considered the first REAL competition for the iPad. Being 7" instead of 10, you'll get that size that might work.

    I can't think of anything smaller, besides your phone. I would not recommend the Nook/Kindle for clinical needs.

    I've not held any 7" tablets, having an iPad myself. After a few hours, the iPad is rather heavy and weighs on my hands. The 7" Galaxy is much lighter and smaller for lab coats, carrying, smaller and lighter than textbooks. If I were in the market, this is what'd I'd be looking at. Good luck!
  4. by   Robublind
    I agree that the itouch is a little small, my eyes are too old to see writing that small. I think u need something 5 or 6 inches, anything bigger and it is too hard to carry around. The ipad is too big to carry around during clinics. You dont want to leave it anywhere or it will walk. I find when i need info on a drug i need it 10 minutes ago so the phone works the best. Look a the Dell streak (maybe discontinued) and archos makes a small pad too.
  5. by   HCSTEWART
    thank you sandnnw and robublind for getting back to me.
    i have taken your advise and have been looking into the 7" tablet computers. perfect ideas as they can fit into my pocket very well. i loved the galaxy, unfortunately it is priced above my budget. i have been looking at the generic or "off" brands in the price range of $100-$180.00. these use the android market.
    i have been looking for an app that will allow me to make my own drug cards, if you happen to know of one please let me know. i may post on the other "page" about that.
    i thank you again for your time. hc
  6. by   GamerGirL337
    honestly the cheap 7" tablets are NOT worth it in any way...they are so cheap because they are made of cheap materials, and are really not meant to last all that they don't have everything that the ones that are double the price have...

    Plus if you have sprint, i believe they also carry the galaxy tab, if not verizon does for sure, and you can get a pre owned one for 100$, you just have to be in a contract for 2 years..but you do get the awesomeness of 3g that you don't get with most cheap or non contract is WELL Worth the price believe me...
  7. by   HCSTEWART
    thank you gamergirl337 for ur reply to me.

    i would love to have the galaxy tab but two things stop me. first off i can't find one cheap enough yet. but i could try again.

    but the biggest reason i can't go with galaxy tab is it has a camera. i cannot have a camera in the hospital while i do my clinicals. i don't know of a way around "that". and during clinicals is when i most want the tablet.

    i do appreciate your info and time.
    thank you. hc stewart
  8. by   Silverdragon102
    I have the first generation IPAD which doesn't have a camera so that may be an option to look at