Mac or Sony?

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    I'm starting nursing school in August. I have only used a PC, and I have had horrible luck with most of my PCs. I finally got my Sony about 4 years ago, and it has been good other then a few easy to fix problems. Now it is out of date, my mom needs a computer of her own and I am wanting a new laptop so I was going to give her my Sony and upgrade.
    I would like something that will last me the next 4 years with little to no problem, that is dependable and nice. I have a limited budget around $1100. I don't use it for much other then e-mail, paper writing, research, facebook, pictures, etc. I'm definitely not a tech person and don't care about gaming and all that other stuff. I would prefer something small that is easy to carry around to class and to the library, but that is my only real requirement. And I need some suggestions.
    Mac or Sony? Or something else (I do not trust HP or Dell as I've had horrible luck with them)?

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    11" MBA, its light, portable, and 999.99.

    But you are going to need another place to store your pictures, like an external harddrive, as the memory is pretty light.

    MBA= Mac Book Air
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    I have a HP mini netbook (10.1") and it's been fantastic. I've had another HP laptop that I've been using for about 2 years with no problems.
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    I'll second student4life, get a Macbook. I have a Macbook Pro and I LOVE it, works fast, none of the usual PC issues. I would recommend the regular Macbook (999.99) over the air, only because the Air is kinda flimsy looking and not even close to the macbook in terms of power (just for running applications and videos).
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    I just bought a Sony Vaio Y for $650. It is 11.2" and not even 3 lbs. Awesome for carrying around. You will still need an external CD rom if you go that route. They had a 13" with CD rom/DVD for around $800 I believe. I love this Sony and dont know anyone who complains about them. Both came with at least 4 gigs of Ram. Plenty of memory.

    I work for an PC recycler/wholesaler and I definitely see more Mac stuff coming through... Don't know if its because more people use Mac or because more people toss the Mac. I work with a lot of "techy" people obviously, and they told me to go with the Vaio. Its probably a matter of personal preference. I'm sure Macs aren't trash, but there is definitely a lot of talk about paying for logo/name...

    Whatever you decide. I would go with something light and easy to carry around. : ) (Asus is also a good brand. They actually specialize in making circuit boards for other companies as well and are highly respected in the IT world and can be much more affordable because they dont have the fancy marketing lol.)
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    I switched over to the Macbook Pro about 5 years ago. I now have 2 as my school provides one with a required technology fee. I love them! My 5 year old one has yet to have any problems. They are much better than PCs. Enjoy!
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    Find out what the technology requirements may be for your school. Even if you're doing on-campus classes, you might need to use your computer to run certain programs that are not compatible with Mac.

    I'm a Mac user and had to get an Intel Mac that also could run Windows so I could use programs like Adobe Presenter for my online courses. Most of the time everything is compatible with Mac; I'm able to access Blackboard with no issues. But check with your program as they may suggest you go with a PC or an Intel Mac so you could run Windows if necessary.
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    I LOVED my Mac!!! That thing is still running, all be it very slowly, and it's almost 8 years old. My husband convinced me to get this POS PC I'm now using and I hate it.

    Get a Mac. You don't have to deal with viruses, the software is easily available so you can be compatible with the rest of the people using PC's, and they last A LOT longer.
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    We have a forum for these topics too. I'll move this
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    Have you used a Mac? If you haven't, get your hands on one and see how you like it. I detest Mac's. I have been using one at work for two years and my overall impression of it is that it is "flimsy." I don't see any advantage Mac has over PC's, except that there are less viruses floating around. Even then, I would take PC over Mac any day.

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