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I'm starting nursing school in August. I have only used a PC, and I have had horrible luck with most of my PCs. I finally got my Sony about 4 years ago, and it has been good other then a few easy to fix problems. Now it is out of... Read More

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    I might add that I have an iPhone and although it is a 3g and now completely horrible I have loved it.

    I think my biggest fear is that a macbook won't be compatible with all of my PC notes, papers, etc. Also I know a lot of the books come with CDs and such will those be compatible with a mac?

    Thanks for all the suggestions.

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    Easy...mac book air, look on the Apple store, down at the bottom left under "Special Deals."

    I'd get the 4Gb model with SSD, screams. You'll be giving it to your first born.

    There's a reason PCs are cheaper.

    Ditto on the 8 year old Mac. My mom is using my old iMac, runs like a charm!
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    I recently switched to Mac (iMac plus iPhone) and would NEVER go back.

    Most things are compatible; for any software which doesn't run on the Mac platform you can install a program such as Parallels (which I have - works seamlessly ) or Fusion, so you can run a Windows environment when you need to.

    It's beautiful. And it's SILENT!!!

    I would never go back to using a PC, not even if you paid me.
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    Is the most basic MacBook (as that is all I can afford) going to be a good computer that will last me a long time?
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    Yes, the MacBook is great! Microsoft makes office software that is compatible with the windows version. Macs take a little while to get used to as they are different, but once you get used to it, you'll never go back.
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    My old "basic" MacBook lasted almost five years. I would have kept it, but Apple gave me $267 to trade up.

    You won't find this from any other PC offering. The white book is just as sweet, offers all the bells and whistles. You might even get it fairly cheap on the refurb site I mentioned above.

    Good luck!
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    I recommend a Macbook. I actually just bought one. I like it because if I have a problem I can take it to the apple store and say please fix it. Also if you are a student right now you can get $50 off a macbook and $100 off a macbook pro. You can probably also pick up microsoft word from your school as well. Mine has it for $16 at the bookstore.

    Hope this helps
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    I am studying for NCLEX, and bought a mac yesterday so that I could be more mobile as I use my favorite cd's, such as NCLEX 4000 to study....I realize now that many of my programs aren't compatible, but I am encouraged by the suggestion of using parallels. Can anyone tell me what is involved beyond installing the program? Has anyone downloaded it directly from their site with success? Thanks very much for any ideas.
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    I would wait to get a Mac until you graduate. Macs are not always very compatible with Windows and the vast majority of hospitals and schools are using PCs/Windows. We have to do training at a local hospital before our OB rotation and it is not Mac friendly and takes ~7 hours. I keep having classmates wanting to come over and use my PC as they all have Macs. I say buy a cheap Sony/HP/Dell for school and when you get that fancy RN job, get a Mac if that is what you desire so you won't run into any problems with compatability!

    Also, students get 10% off of Dell and HP and with Dell, you can get an on-site warranty with it so if your computer breaks, they will come to you and fix it within 48 hours. With a Mac, you have to actually go to the Apple store and wait for them to fix it and be without a computer which can be a problem for a student. Dell also covers accidental damage. My Dell laptop was dropped when I slipped on ice and cracked in half and Dell sent me a brand new one. I also spilled Red Bull on it once and fried it while studying and they replaced it then too - no cost! I don't think Apple covers that type of stuff.

    P.S. Macs CAN get viruses but the market is small compared to PCs so people don't write viruses for Macs. You won't get a virus on a PC either if you only connect to an ecrypted wireless network and don't open attachments from people you don't know and don't click on pop ups. I am 5 years strong on my PCs (desktop I built and Dell laptop) and they are both running great with no effort and I have never had anti-virus or anti-spyware software installed!

    P.S.S. Don't use Internet Explorer if yo ucan help it. Get Firefox .
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    macbook pro or the new macbook air
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