lookin for suggestions for Ebooks Audio Books?

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    The Evolve Website- (access code came with required textbooks for my school)- have audio chapter summaries for most every chapter in the Lewis Med Surg book and Kee Pharmacology Book. I am an auditory leaner- and being on summer break I am downloading said summaries to my ipod touch to do a little refreshing during house cleaning etc.

    I am looking for an audio book I can buy too about nursing skills and basic things that every nurse should know like the back of his/her hand.
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    The Prentice Hall Reviews & Rationales series is not bad. The physical books themselves are more detailed, but I like the audio books. I've downloaded a few of them to help me study while on a road trip; they're a life saver when your prof is a terrible lecturer. They're available on iTunes.

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