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    I need a new laptop and was wondering if some of you could tell me what you like best. I have searched some older threads from 07, but I am sure more laptops have came out since then. Here's what I am looking for:

    Nothing too expensive. I have a desktop so this would not be my main computer.

    Something possibly to take to school with me if need be, but this is not the main reason I am buying one. I want to be able to use it for school work such as research and writing papers and not be stuck at my desktop.

    I bought a dell about 6 years ago and it is so heavy so I want something a little more lightweight and nothing huge. Some one in my class has a Acer Aspire. Those are ideal for school, but I think it's too small to use at home on my lap. Do they make anything a little bit bigger that, but not too huge/heavy?

    I just bought a router, but I am finding my older dell is running too slow and the battery does not work. A slight bump and the whole laptop crashes. That would not be good if I was in the middle of writing a paper.

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    Absolutely do not buy any sort of Acer! They are terrible computers that shouldn't even exist.

    I have a 14" Asus (a great brand...#1 for motherboards and one of the top 3 overall), and I love it. It's small enough to bring to class, but large enough for me to watch movies on (I am a pretty typical college freshman). I wouldn't go any bigger than 14", but you may want to consider maybe 13".

    I definitely suggest looking into Toshiba and Asus laptops. Mine was about $650, and it's amazing.
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    Do you know anything about netbooks and how they differ from a laptop?
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    Netbooks are much smaller than laptops and don't have DVD/CD burner/player.

    You don't need a fancy laptop for school so you can stay on the cheap side. Make sure its got a DVD/CD burner/player and a program like MS Works for writing papers.

    You can get a Compaq for under $400 at Best Buy, I always get the extended warranty.
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    I am satisfied with my HP TouchSmart tx2-1020. It is a notebook PC with tablet features.
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    I have a 13" Macbook and I love it.
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    I have an Acer 8" and love it - no problems and I've had it a year.

    However, I really really covet the new iPad (if you can get past the name that is)!
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    Quote from traumaRUs
    I have an Acer 8" and love it - no problems and I've had it a year.

    However, I really really covet the new iPad (if you can get past the name that is)!

    Are all Acers really small and if you have a small one, are you able to type up papers sitting on your couch?
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    I have a Eee PC and love it. You can buy a cd driver for it, have no problems with it. Very light and i use it every where. :redpinkhe I brought mine at Best Buy for $300 and one for my son too.
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    I'm back in school too and no, I don't use my Acer for papers. I have a 15" laptop for that.

    However, the Acer is for surfing the web and answering questions in my online course.

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