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I need a new laptop and was wondering if some of you could tell me what you like best. I have searched some older threads from 07, but I am sure more laptops have came out since then. Here's what I... Read More

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    If your not happy with your PC you should go to this web site 'supaswap dot info' where you may be able to swap it out with another member for something else. If you cant swap it you could always use the site to sell it

    Hope this helps

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    well, i have one of everythng, I have a Dell desk top for at least 6 years now, I bought a 17 inch HP laptop a few monthes ago because I started online classes andneeded something dedicated just to school work. I love the 17 inch screen, fast start up time, decent battery life. BUT to travel with it was a little unhandy so I started looking for a netbook and got a toshiba, slower to boot up but nice little computer. Also becacuse the new models were coming out I got a 135.oo discount on it.

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