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I am about to place an order for a laptop and I have decided to go with a dell. Can anyone (who knows about features) take a look at this and tell me what you think for the price? I am ONLY using... Read More

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    I would agree with most of the other posters here that a netbook is more suited to carrying to class and toting to the library than a 15.6" screen laptop. Many netbooks weigh about 1-3 lbs, have an 8-14 hr battery life, webcams, bluetooth and 100gb+ hard drives and are available new for about $300. The keyboards are usually around 90% of full-size, so should work for most people, and the smaller footprint makes it easier to use on those little fold-down desks in lecture halls. Dell even sells one

    Dell used to be widely known for their customer support, but then they began to focus their market on selling to large corporations in bulk, and their customer service model has changed to reflect this, however I haven't worked with Dell in 5 years, so perhaps it is different now. My preferred manufacturers for the netbook are Acer, Asus and MSI Wind. For the laptop, my preference would be a Toshiba or HP-just because HP looks sexy.

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    Thanks for all of your replies! I realize that the net book would probably be more efficient (for my needs) and economical, but I am not sure I could get use to that small of a screen. When I am at home and need to use a computer for schoolwork, I will primarily be using the laptop and not my desktop. At this point, I have no need to take this to school with me, but then again I am only doing my prereqs. Maybe I should go take a look at them in person before I decide. I do not need a huge amount of memory since I will not be downloading that much to it. I would actually prefer the studio 14 so I am going to see if I can get the price down a little more.
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    That is a huge laptop, way more than you would need for just researching and doing word processing. The price is great though. Dells are awesome. If I were you I would purchase the computer and use it for whatever you want but I would by a flash-drive to store my nursing stuff. A computer this large should be utilized to its full potential; but if you want a computer solely for nursing then I would go with a Dell netbook it is much cheaper and you can always by storage in the form of external hard drives, flash drives etc.

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