IV drug guide

  1. Hi I need an iv drug book for my second year of nursing school. I'm hoping to get an app so I don't have to carry around yet another book. I saw a couple in the app store on my iphone, but they have no reviews. Does anyone have one they recommend?
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  3. by   Robublind
    I would ask your instructor what information they want you to have. The big things you need to know are rates and compatibility (other fluids and drugs). Davies is ok for this information but disorganized. I see skyscape has an app but I'm not going to pay $50 for it. I would look at micromedix and medscape (both are free) first. Medscape does a good job of compatibility with fluids. Most hospitals have a guide on their intranet, if you are lucky they will have the hospital version of micromedix which has everything. Then what you do is print off the information about the drug put it in your "brain" before your instructor comes around to interrogate you. Then you look like your on the ball when you have all the info at your fingertips.
    Sorry I know this isn't the reply you are looking for but $50 for a IV guide seem a little steep.