iTouch vs. PDA...yet another thread :(

  1. I'm confused about applications on a PDA vs. the iTouch, and even after browsing the forums I've found that most threads apply to nurses on the job so I decided to post a new one. My apologies if it's repetitive.

    I'm a new nursing student who is starting on Monday. I would buy the iTouch because it seems to be the "up and coming" thing, but I'm worried it won't have as many useful features for a student as a regular PDA. I like the fact that PDAs come loaded with Word, Explorer (which I use at home on my laptop), PowerPoint, etc., as well as being equipped with a recorder and note-taking function. It seems that a PDA is more in tune with what I am used to using on my laptop.

    I also have a textbook (Brunner & Suddarth's Textbook of Medical-Surgical Nursing) that can be downloaded in it's entirety to a PDA for free...I don't think it can be downloaded to an iTouch. I'd like to stress that listening to music is not at all important to me...I'm purely focused on using it as a tool in clinical/class and to surf the web.

    I'm new to this, so any advice about what would be best for a student will be very helpful! Thanks.
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  3. by   CraigB-RN
    Maybe starting with some termonalogy might help.

    First PDA is a generic term. "personal digital assistant" That covers a lot of territory. Second the term PDA doesn't tell you much. You've got a lot of different operating systems out there, Palm, Windows, and now apple, and blackberry. Up untill recently the 2 most common platforms were palm and windows CE/Pocket PC. Then smartphones came around, and blackberry and iphone/ipod touch were added to the list. They all can do what you want, the difference is how it does it. Personally I used a Palm PDA in one form or another for about 7 years. Then palm stopped making them in favor of smart phones. I'm not a fan of one devide for everything. But that is personal.

    As a nursing studdent, your going to need references, drug references, medical dictionary, nursing Dx, and the like. as well as the MS Office views. The Ipod Touch is just one type of PDA now, that has a strength in multimedia.

    You have to play with then and see what you like and dislike about each. And then make your choice.