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iTouch, is 8GB enough?

  1. 0 I might get an iTouch but I want to make sure 8GB is enough for me b/c I want to save money. This is what I will use it for:
    - a few essential nursing programs (drug guide, etc)
    - not many songs
    - barely any pictures, no movies
    - a few fun apps for when i'm bored
    - whatever apps i need for organizing my life (calendar, tasks, planner, etc)

    Can someone tell me what the the average size of an installed nursing program/app? I dunno how many of these I can fit onto this thing.
    So is 8GB enough? Thanks for ur help guys!
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    #1 0 least for me. I have some pics, music, games and some nursing stuff on there. I LOVE IT! I still have a ton of room left too...
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    Where do you purchase the nursing applications for I-touch?
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    8 gigs should be more than enough. As I posted in another thread, My 2 gig Ipod is only half full of music and My palm t5 and the 2gig card are less than half full, I've got a few games, some books to read and my reference material.

    If you can swing it, go with the 16 gig but if not, don't worry about it. At worst it might mean that in the future you have to syn more frequently to change out the music.
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    Buy the biggest you can afford.

    You can't put a price on future proofing yourself.
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    Quote from gioia311
    Where do you purchase the nursing applications for I-touch?
    I just kno about:
    and there's a free one:

    and thanks everyone else for ur replies!
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    Thanks Craig! What I wanted to know was should I invest in the I-touch or Palm? I have a nano and I-MAC and I am trying to switch over to MAC technology and was wondering whether the nursing applications that I would need as a new nurse are MAC compatible b/f I spend the big bucks on an I-touch? Thanks
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    I would definitely go with the 32gb. I just got the 8gb and I already used up most of the memory. I wish I would have gone bigger.
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    Quote from Jen2002
    I would definitely go with the 32gb. I just got the 8gb and I already used up most of the memory. I wish I would have gone bigger.
    but what do you use it for? is it because u have a lot of songs or movies or something? because i definitely will be using it for some nursing programs and the internet mainly. won't have much songs/multimedia stuff. maybe a few small apps like games.
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    I bought the 16 gig when it was on sale at best buy. More is usually better simply because memory demands for applications tend to only grow as they become more powerful. Best of luck.
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    Apple ipod touch, 8GB: $229

    MicroSDHC card, 8GB: $15

    MP3 Player/PMP device/Phone with microSD slot: Priceless
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    MicroSDHC card, 8GB: $15 can this be used for the touch and how? I have an 8gb itouch and have less than 20 mb left on it. I use it a lot for work, epocrates, skyscape, eponyms, to name a few. Buy the biggest touch you can. The aps are so intriguing that you download, and download and download. Go pacman!
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    also you may now know what you want to use it for but over time you may find more uses for it and without the extra capacity you will be forking out for a whole new setup