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iTouch, is 8GB enough? - page 3

I might get an iTouch but I want to make sure 8GB is enough for me b/c I want to save money. This is what I will use it for: - a few essential nursing programs (drug guide, etc) - not many songs -... Read More

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    What is the battery life like?
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    During my 7hr/12hr clinicals, it was fine. Fine - meaning, even as I used it to constantly input pt info, look up meds, disease & disorders, played a bit of music during breaks the battery level was still okay. I usually just turn off the screen to conserve battery if I don't need to use it. Just to be safe I also charge it at night so I don't have to worry about running out of juice the next day.
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    I have the iphone and go thru 2100 min/months plus lots of online time. My iphone lasts all day if I keep it on the car charger while travelling.
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    This is great info....just got my iTouch it thus far but I have a question. Have anyone of you needed 2 download MS Windows Mobile or My Pocket PC? The nursing program I'm going for reqires a PDA but it must have either Windows or Palm OS platform. iTouch doesn't allow me to download either. Has anyone had the same problem? please help