iTouch 8gb enough space?

  1. I'm planning on purchasing a MacBook and getting the itouch 8gb along with it (free w/rebate) before starting NS in the fall, but I am concerned that the 8gb of space is not enough for all of the various nursing applications that I may need/want to put on it.
    It the 8gb big enough? I have no idea how many nursing apps it can hold, with or without music, so just wondering if I should get the 16gb or 32 gb instead? So clueless on what to get . . .

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  3. by   tlg1971
    I have an 8Gb and I have Nursing Central on it. That's the Taber's, Davis Drug Guide, Lab & Diagnostics guide, Diseases and Disorders, and Medline Journal. I also have epocrates, IV meds, Med-Surg NCLEX Review, and several other apps for nursing stuff. I still have plenty of room for music, games, etc... I don't think I have used half of the space on it with all that stuff.
  4. by   jennyht25
    I am also starting nursing school in the fall and was looking into getting an ipod touch but have been wondering if it will be worth it. Tlg1971 do you use the ipod touch a lot to help you with nursing?
  5. by   CSellers3
    Hi guys!! well im also startin NS in the fall an was wondering wat to get myself..i was gonna get the iphone but i thought that would be a waste of you think that the ipod touch would be the way to go??? Yea Tlg1971 do you use the ipod touch a lot?? thanks
  6. by   tlg1971
    Well, I didn't get it until my last semester so didn't get to play with it much in school. But it was much quicker looking up meds in clinicals especially if the doctor ordered something new during the time you were there. It is much easier when you don't have much time to get info together. It saved my butt a couple of times when I would get to clinicals and realize I hadn't finished looking up meds or explaining my patient's diagnosis or putting the finishing touches on a care plan. It is helpful if you're used to using PDA type devices or aren't "afraid" of technology!
  7. by   tlg1971
    And BTW I still use it in practice. I had a Palm PDA that I had all the same stuff with it. I used it all the time checking meds that were ordered.

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