iPOD touch or Palm TX?

  1. I am starting clinicals soon in my nurse practitioner program and we are required to have a mobile device for uCentral software. I have a Palm TX (not a fan of it) but I really want to buy an iPOD touch. Anyone use the iPOD for this purpose? Pros? Cons?
    Thanks for your input!
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  3. by   buster4
    I never figured out a way to use the ipod for that, I ended up buying a iphone, so I wouldn't have to have 2 devices...... i didn't do the palm tx because its old technologies. good luck!
  4. by   Robublind
    I agree, the iphone is the best right now. It means only carrying one device (when you are walking out of the house, you only have to check that you have one device and it is charged.) I honestly did not know that palm was still making the TX.
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    I use the Itouch and have no issues, programs easy to get and use and internet access not always required. If you are allowed a phone then Iphone may be the way forward, where I work we are not allowed to carry cell phones so Itouch works well for me plus I didn't need a new cell phone as bought one over 12 months ago
  6. by   traumaRUs
    For APNs I recommend the iPhone. As an APN, I had to carry a phone, pager and PDA. Totally ridiculous. I would go with the iPhone and skip the iPod only because as an APN, you are literally on your phone all day.

    Have never had clinicals as an APN where phone wasn't allowed.
  7. by   jcgrund
    I bought an iPod Touch in LPN school, two years ago, because we weren't allowed to have cell phones with us. I absolutely love it. I am finally getting an iPhone now that it's time for an upgrade! Can't wait to only carry one thing.