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Hey Everyone, I'm sure this has been discussed before, but I was just curious if anyone uses an Ipod Touch or Iphone at school or on the job. I've heard that there are applications you can download that have drug guides and... Read More

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    If you're looking for an alternative, you can get a Kindle. Third generation Kindles start at $139 for Wi-Fi and $189 for Wi-Fi + 3G. Access to the 3G network on the Kindle is free. Amazon pays for it.

    The kindle store has lots of great electronic books for nursing/medical including a medical encyclopedia, drug book, A&P review, nutrition, nursing assessment and more. Just look up "mobi medical" at the Kindle store. Of all the books I just listed, the highest price is under $9.99, most are less. The second generation Kindles hold about 1,500 books and the third generation Kindles hold 3,000.

    I have a second generation Kindle loaded up with nursing/medical guides as well as fun books for destressing. You can also transfer pdf's and Word documents to your Kindle to store them and read them anywhere. My microbiology professor converted all of his lecture slides into pdf form and I loaded them right on the Kindle and studied while I was waiting at the doctor's office or lying in bed in the evening. I also transpose lecture notes that I write myself into Word documents (helps me review) and then transfer them to my Kindle for studying.

    My Kindle is about the size of a DVD case and I just found the prettiest leather cover for it and a spicy decal that is custom cut to fit the device, so it is completely personalized.

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    So many people use iPod/iPhone for reference materials I wouldn't automatically assume they were using it to text or goof around. I use my iPod in clinical all the time and have never thought twice about it...I have actually always been extremely glad I had it with me.
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    Thank you all so much for the advice and info! I'm going to look into the Kindle as well, especially the one that has the 3G internet b/c one concern I had with the Ipod Touch was that I wouldn't always have internet access if i was somewhere that didnt have wifi.

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