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  1. Does anyone have a case they recommend for the ipod touch? (2nd gen) I would really like something with a belt clip... I think.
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  4. by   NICUDreamer11
    I got the Rebel Touch from Switcheasy for my itouch. It is actually two cases in one: an inner soft, silicone rubber shell and an outer hard plastic case. I chose this design because I like the cushioning of the silicone, but also the outer protection of the hard plastic (in case it falls or whatever). The design is interesting without being too weird like some of the cases out there. I love the functionality of it: it protects all the parts (even the port opening at the bottom), has a screen cover and is thin enough not to make the itouch feel bulky. It doesn't have a hip case though, although I heard some rumors on the website about one coming out soon.

    The main reason I bought this case over any others I saw was because I think it should be very easy to use in nursing. I didn't want to deal with the flip style cases (seemed like too much trouble and cannot be cleaned very well), but I still feel my itouch is very protected in this case. I usually prefer silicone over plastic but silicone has a tendency to stick and get dusty. However, with the rebel, the hard plastic outer case makes it slippery enough to slide in and out of a pocket or bag, but the rubber parts make it non-slip in your hand.

    Sorry this was so long - I guess it shows how much I really like this case even after a lot of research with other cases. But in the end, the case you choose depends on your likes and needs for your itouch...Good Luck!
  5. by   whippoorwill
    I have a leather padded flip open case with magnet closure. It is protective, and it is easy to open to use. It isn't heavy or bulky. I really like it.
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    Quote from NICUDreamer11
    I got the Rebel Touch from Switcheasy for my itouch.
    Thank you for recommending this case. It offers pretty much everything I was looking for in a case, and at an affordable price to boot!

    I've just sent them an e-mail to ask if their 2nd gen cases will work with the 3rd gen touches, just to make sure. I should be ordering my touch next week, so I'm really starting to hunt down ideas for cases.
  7. by   aleciared
    The switcheasy brand is good. They protect the iPods if you drop them and they fit perfectly. The rebel touch is what you would be after. Also I have a customized silicone iPod case with my favorite mascot on it. The silicone cases protect your iPod from scratches.

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