Ipod touch apps for nursing student?

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    Hey! My school requires me to have an ipod touch for clinicals, so I was just wondering if there are any good apps for nursing students out there?

    Or if you use your phone/ipod during work, what apps do you use every day? I just wanna know what will help me out and make nursing school easier! Thanks!!

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    My Ipod touch was my greatest asset during nursing school. Here is a great website to get you started!
    Recommended Nursing Apps

    Some things I really loved: Micromedex, which is a free drug guide, and check out Medscape, lots of free good stuff. MD Ez labs is a good free lab app. I bought the Skyscape app and have lots of my school required books in there, like Tabers, Davis Drug Guide, IV drugs, lab guide etc, and it was well worth it. Nursing Central also has these books available.

    I also loved my touch for recording lectures!

    I have a coupon for Skyscape products, PM me if interested.
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    Thanks so much! I'm hopefully getting my Ipod this weekend so I'll start downloading them. I probably will PM you for that discount sometime!
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    Epocrates is the best
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    pepid is a great app as well
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    I have Epocrates, Micromedex, NCSBN along with Skyscape. I also have some of Lipincott's NCLEX apps...and of course AllNurses!

    All of these apps are free
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    ATI App was awesome could do questions on the go and get immidate feedback and the question bank was huge.
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    Thanks for all the feedback! I had no idea there was an allnurses app I freaked out a bit when I downloaded it
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    Quote from kylestimenow
    Thanks for all the feedback! I had no idea there was an allnurses app I freaked out a bit when I downloaded it
    I love my AN app!
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    I see that this was posted two years ago; wanted to add that the link to 'Recommended Nursing Apps' (http://www.gostudentnurse.com/nursing-apps/) results in an Internal Server Error. Anyone have an updated link? Thanks very much in advance!
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