Ipod touch applications for nursing students

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    Hi all ! I have an iPod touch, and am looking for applications relevant to nursing and studying for the NCLEX. does anyone know of/ used any of/ the applications out there?
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    Yes there are many applications that are already available. Skyscape and Unbound have web apps that may be viewed if you are connected to the internet. I am trying to figure out how to use these applications while offline.
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    Make sure you get eponyms for students. (free)

    There's also epocrates.

    I found the netter atlases to be kind of blah.

    Get a flash card application for studying.

    and I use stanza for reading books....
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    This thread is super-old, but since practically everyone's got an iPhone/iTouch/etc I wanted to see if anyone has any good suggestions for iPod Touch apps for nursing students/students in general! I'm getting an iPod Touch in the next few days and would love suggestions, especially free stuff! =D
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    Check out the App Store Top 50 Free Apps per category. Good luck!