Ipod touch... Any useful for clinicals??

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    Okay, so I'm in my first semester in a BSN nursing program. We're not starting clinicals until next semester, but I was just curious if there are any nursing applications that may be useful for clinicals that I can download to the Ipod. I plan on getting an Ipod touch (mostly for other purposes) and just wanted to know if it would be any useful for my schooling as well.

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    Moved to mobile computing forum

    Check out the threads we have a few discussing Ipod etc
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    i got the itouch between semesters last year and i love it!! there are plenty of apps (a lot free) that can be used to help with clinical/school. they have apps broken down into categories in the appstore i got all of my school ones from the healthcare&fitness, education, and medical categories! good luck in your bsn program.

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