Ipod Touch and skyscape. please help

  1. I am interested in the IPOD touch as my PDA. I start nursing school in one week. I saw the skyscape programs but how would i be able to view them offline just in case I didn't have internett acces. I heard it's possible is this true? :stone
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  3. by   BSN2010
    Purchasing the programs from Skyscape installs them on your iPod touch for all times, no internet is needed to look at the programs because they're on the unit for good. I too am in nursing school and am looking into an iPod touch for my PDA. So far I have found the only drawback with iPod touch is that the Nursing Constellation program is not available yet. All the individual programs within the Constellation program (such as Davis Drug guide, RNotes, etc) are available for individual purchase for the iPod touch but it ends up being more expensive that way. Despite being a bit more expensive to get what programs you need, it seems that the iPod touch still has cheaper memory than PDAs (get bigger bang for your buck, memory-wise). If anyone else has any information on the pros and cons of iPod touch for clinical use and the skyscape programs available, please chime in!
  4. by   gj47479
    Oh ok I see. I heard from some source that the Skyscape programs for the Ipod Touch could only be accessed by having an internet connection and logging into skyscape. I chose the Ipod over the Palm Tx and many others for the fact the the memory far exceeds that of the other handhelds plus the Touch is just more fun to have! I did speak with tSkyscape tech support this week and they told me the tech team was working on creating all programs in ipod format and they should be here not too long from now so hang in there! I also needed Saunders NCLEX review and it is not available in ipod format but the team is currently developing it and many others! If anyone else information on the Ipod Touch and Skyscape join on in the conversation.
  5. by   BSN2010
    Oh, that's really good news! Did they give you a ballpark when those programs will be out? Are we talking this fall or like a year from now? If you buy some programs for your iTouch, let me know how you like the layout. I wish there was some way to play with the 2 units (iPod and Palm tx) with programs already on there so I can see which layout I like better. I sure do like my brother's iTouch though, seems like it would be a good layout anyways.
  6. by   BSN2010
    Thinking about what you heard about internet access makes me wonder if maybe you can purchase and download the programs onto your iTouch (eg. skyscape doesn't send any programs in the mail to download but rather have customers download the programs from their webpage after they pay for them? Maybe that's why internet is necessary?) Just a thought.

    How do you like the iTouch in terms of organization? I'm an organizer nut job and that's one of the things I'm really interested in the differences between the 2 units. I know the Palm units are suppose to have nice organization (day planner) type programs and I'm wondering how iTouch compares? Any thoughts on that?

  7. by   Fermin Hernandez
    Skyscape is not currently available for offline use as far as I know.
  8. by   gj47479
    The ipod touch is definately a better organizer by far! Third party applications are being developed and it will become even better. Palm is falling behind the race although it is a decent product apple far exceeds its capabilities!
  9. by   gj47479
    Fermin you mean there is no way I can view skyscape products offline even if I bookmark them or save them to the ipod in some way???
  10. by   barleynhopsBSN
    It seems that having to be online to access the skyscape programs is unrealistic. Anyone have any experience with this? Im starting to look into getting a PDA and was thinking about the Ipod touch or a Palm TX. Do you have to be online with both of these units using skyscape? thanks!
  11. by   blessedtobeme
    once you download the trial version of whatever skyscape program you are interested in you have access to that program anytime. It is on your pda, however it is a trial version so there are some areas of that program that will be locked until you purchase the full version. BTW- the trial versions are free. That IMO is the way to go. I have downloaded several trial versions and am trying them out before I buy. But I have a pocket pc w/ a windows format. Hope that helps some.:spin:
  12. by   BSN2010
    gj47479, looks like you were right about the internet connection requirement for the iPod touch. I contacted Skyscape to ask about the Nursing Constellation and download vs. internet connection to the iTouch. Here's what they wrote back:

    Thank you for contacting Skyscape support. You can use the constellation on
    the IPod Touch, however currently Apple doesn't allow 3rd party software to
    be directly installed to the IPod Touch so it is internet access only.
    Because of that you will have to install the programs in the constellation
    separately but you purchase it as the constellation. We are working with
    Apple on software that will allow our programs to be installed on the
    iPhone/iPod Touch and we expect that to be available within the next couple
    of months. If you already have a Skyscape account with programs registered
    to the iPhone/iPod Touch then you will be able to install to the iPhone/iPod
    Touch. Please let me know if I can help further.

    So maybe by the end of the year the programs will be available for download onto the unit completely.
  13. by   BSN2010
    I asked the support person from Skyscape when they expect to have programs available for permanent download onto the iPod touch. She says they're expecting it by the end of September, that they are just waiting for Apple's approval. I'm sold, gonna get me a touch!!
  14. by   gj47479
    Bsn!!!! Are You Serious They Really Told You That??????? Do You Know Which Programs In Particular Or Is It For All Of Them????

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