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Hey all. I'm starting nursing school next month and I've heard a lot bout nursing students using smartphones and such for the nursing apps. I thought about getting a smartphone but I really don't want to pay an extra $30 a month... Read More

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    Aurora77, I have a bunch, some better than others. My favorite, but also the most spendy, is Skyscape. I use that quite a bit in clinical, particularly for the Taber's which I didn't bother to buy in book form. I also have a couple of NCLEX-RN review apps which I paid for plus some free (or very inexpensive, can't quite remember) things like one on mnemonics, lab tests, etc. Oh, and medscape is a good freebie too. And ATI has a review program out now. It costs about $20, but what can I say. I can't resist stuff for my toys, not if it's nursing related anyway.

    I love to listen to the podcasts in the car too. Either that or relistening to an actual lecture from one of my classes, if I have an exam looming!

    Crazier The easiest way is just to do a search on a keyword like "nursing" from within iTunes, which you download free and then use to put all your music, podcasts, apps, etc., onto your iTouch. And it doesn't sound silly at all. If you have never used iTunes or an iPod before, how would you know?

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    yes, we are required to have either ipod touch or iphone and to have the following programs downloaded: nursing central, 2009 intravenous medications, nursing fast facts, and RN notes. I'm a new incoming student this fall so I hope these programs help lol. also, I'm curious as to what podcasts are?
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    [quote=Aurora77;4412800]What nursing apps are you guys using? I looked through them, but didn't see anything I had to have.

    I have heard people mention Skyscape. It is a bundle of medical apps from itunes. I currently don't have an Itouch, but am researching getting one for NS.
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    Well the GB model you choose will depend on whether you want the current (i.e. fastest) version of the Ipod Touch or not. Also, what other stuff you're going to put in besides nursing apps. The 8gb model has the hardware of the last generation (two?). The 32 and 64gb models have the current generation hardware.

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