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  1. This is a quick list of some iPod applications that I have installed and find helpful that I want to share with you.
    I am a new graduate, so the following may or may not be helpful to you. So for what it's worth, here's my list:

    Micromedex Drug Information ($free)

    A wealth of drug information you can look up either alphabetically or by class. Lists dosing, contraindications, adverse effects, mechanism of action, administration, toxicology, clinical teaching, etc. Excellent reference, highly recommended.

    MedCalc ($0.99)

    Huge list of formulas, scales, etc. from O2 gradient and ratio to mean arterial pressure to Wells SCore for DVT and PE.

    Medscape ($free)

    Great information to read up on covering diseases, conditions, medications, etc. A surprisingly enormous amount of information at your fingertips for zero dollars.

    MD ezLabs ($free)

    A-Z list of normal lab values with additional information and references. Great free resource.

    RH Medical Labs ($1.99)

    Resident Helper Medical Labs is different from MD ezLabs in that it displays normal lab values for specific gender and age groups arranged into different lab value charts. What I recently discovered is that if you touch directly on a value, for example, BUN, a pop up screen comes up describing the lab and the clinical significance of it.

    Physical Exam Essentials

    An (almost) complete reference list for doing head to toe examinations. Has pictures and briefly describes maneuvers such as abdominal palpation, checking capillary refill time, and gives reminders on what to look for when doing mental status checks, etc. I had read in a couple old reviews that the abdominal quadrants were mislabeled (backwards) but that has since been fixed it seems. I just downloaded this app and I think it is really going to help improve my patient assessments. It is lacking a musculoskeletal exam however.

    Nursing Essentials

    Not sure about this one yet. I just got it today, and while there is quite a lot of material to read up on, it does seem very basic in some regards. It's like the developers tried to cover too much material so what they did cover is very limited. However, there is still a lot of good information here. You can brush up on different fluids like colloid solutions and what they are used for, read up on how to properly give injections, there are common lab values, ECG strips explained, conditions such as pneumothoraxes for instance are briefly described with reminders on what to look for during an assessment, there are some medical calculators, and even some spanish translations. You can also bookmark sections for quick referral if you want. I already have a medical calculator and a medical spanish translator, so some of what is in this app I don't necessarily need. But overall, I'd say it is useful reference material if you are just starting out like me.

    Instant ECG ($0.99)

    Superb learning material for studying ECGs. Very descriptive, shows waveforms, has videos so you can see what the different rhythms will look like on the cardiac monitor, and even has exams you can take. Excellent if you want to study the heart.

    iRadiology ($free)

    I think this app is really cool. You can see what different x-rays look like so you can become familiar with what the MD is looking at. You can search by category but you need to know what you are looking for to bring up results. Just messing around with the app, if I find a certain category that I want to explore, I just type in a single vowel in the search area and it will bring up a list of results. You can zoom in on them but not very much. If you click on labels it explains what you are seeing. Neat.

    NCLEX-RN Quiz Cards

    Over 3,800 NCLEX questions with rationale for 3 bucks. Even though I already passed the NCLEX, I downloaded this app just to keep me on my toes. Of all the NCLEX apps out there that I was checking out, I think this one gives you the most questions for the least amount of money. At least, that's what I found when I was researching this topic. Maybe that has changed by the time you read this, or maybe not. Anyway, I recommend this app for any nursing student.

    Pedi Safe ($0.99)

    A quickly referenced list of ICU, OR, and ER medications for pediatric patients. Separated by weight. I don't really know why I downloaded this app to tell you the truth. I guess I thought it would be a handy reference someday, but for now, I don't work in peds, and don't really plan to either. Anyway, it doesn't seem like a whole lot of information, but I suppose it could be useful.

    iTriage ($free)

    I really like this app. It's mainly written for laypersons who want to look up their symptoms. You can look up specific diseases/conditions, or look up your symptoms such as abdominal pain or throwing up. Then it will bring up a list of possible reasons for the symptoms, with descriptions, symptoms, tests, treatments, images, videos, and links to other medical websites. If you feel that you need to be seen by a physician, you can click on the "providers" tab which will bring up another list of hospitals, urgent care clinics, pharmacies, etc. in your area. If you then click on the address of your chosen medical institution, it will bring up a map of your area and you can then get driving directions. Way cool.

    Medical Spanish ($free)

    This free version is good if you don't need the audio portion to speak the translations for you. If you can read it and say the translations correctly, then this one is all you need. The paid version for $6.99 will speak the translations for you.

    Convert Units for Free

    Great free unit conversion app.


    Hope this helps!
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  3. by   Brian
    Thanks for sharing the apps you found helpful!
  4. by   NeedchangeofPace
    I just purchased an an Ipod for school starting this fall.
    Thank you very much for the info!!
  5. by   spongebob6286
    thank u so much.
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  6. by   sandnnw
    Hey, thanks for the suggestion of MD ezLabs, what a great app! I can't stop looking thru the various labs, been using it at work! Superb
  7. by   spongebob6286
    yeah im liking it too md ezlabs. quick reference
  8. by   wink4clover
    Awesome and thanks for sharing.
  9. by   dabearrn
    Thank you sooo much for this post. I just got my ipod touch up and running and needed some apps!! Thanks again.
  10. by   CrimsonAlchemist
    Yes! Many thanks! I've been looking for some good nursing apps...I already had the micromedex and use it quite frequently
  11. by   Robublind
    I second the rh labs, the card is great for quick reference. I also
    have Lab Values which cost a few bucks, but has everything broken down into systems.
  12. by   ChrisCNA
    thx for sharing
  13. by   joneo
    Coolness. I'm so glad that this list has been helpful to some people.

    I wanted to update my post with new information but since I cannot edit it I am making a note here that I found a much better medical spanish app than the one I listed in my initial post. It's called Pocket Medical Spanish with Audio. It's a stand alone product of Epocrates, and it is FREE. It's much better than the other one I listed because of its layout, the fact that audio is available for all the translations, it has a clock and a wong-baker pain scale that patients can click on to indicate when something occurred or how they are feeling, and each translation can be zoomed in on so you can simply show the screen to a patient so they can read it for themselves quite easily. I deleted the other one I had in favor of this one. It's here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pocke...301046957?mt=8

  14. by   Havin' A Party!
    J -- Appreciated your info. Gracias!

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