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This is a quick list of some iPod applications that I have installed and find helpful that I want to share with you. I am a new graduate, so the following may or may not be helpful to you. So for... Read More

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    thx for sharing

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    Coolness. I'm so glad that this list has been helpful to some people.

    I wanted to update my post with new information but since I cannot edit it I am making a note here that I found a much better medical spanish app than the one I listed in my initial post. It's called Pocket Medical Spanish with Audio. It's a stand alone product of Epocrates, and it is FREE. It's much better than the other one I listed because of its layout, the fact that audio is available for all the translations, it has a clock and a wong-baker pain scale that patients can click on to indicate when something occurred or how they are feeling, and each translation can be zoomed in on so you can simply show the screen to a patient so they can read it for themselves quite easily. I deleted the other one I had in favor of this one. It's here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pocke...301046957?mt=8

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    J -- Appreciated your info. Gracias!
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    Thanks for this list! I've gone through the app store and added most of them to my phone. I'm excited to start playing around with these. I start nursing school in the fall. :-)

    Also, the RH Med Labs is free for the next few days so if anyone wants this one you should go grab it!

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