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  1. 0 Hey there any iPhone or iPod touch users! I just bought an iPod touch, and when my current phone contract is up I will probably be switching to an iPhone. There are so many medical and nursing apps available, I was wondering which ones you found useful and which were 't worth the money.

    Also, any podcasts you listen to regularly? The icu rounds looks good, but I'd also like something for pharmacology. I feel pretty weak in certain areas with my meds.
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    I have the skyscape nursing constellation on my mine and it's great. Some of the stuff from skyscape is free and some of it you can purchase. I've also found tons of free apps that you can download as well. Eppocrates has one that's free that is pretty good too.
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    Ditto on Skyscape, many are free, I use Outcomes Based Medicine almost everyday.

    Grays Anatomy
    USMLE Lite - I'm cheap
    Epoc Disease Game

    This is my "medical" page on my iPhone. I'm sure there are much more apps, yet for me to discover. I'm impressed with unbound medicine and skyscape. Medscape is the most powerful band for your buck, free.

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