1. Does anyone have suggestions for IPOD applications for Micro, Math, or anything else that would be helpful either before or after acceptance into a nursing program?
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  3. by   Sand_Dollar
    You can find lots more info under the General - Mobile Computing and Nursing (near the bottom).

    As for the pre-reqs I found some stuff in itunes U like algebra, but it wasn't really that useful for me. I have downloaded a course for stats, and I have been listening to it when I am fiddling around, but only to get myself familiar with relevant words. Youtube however is great resource and I used that a lot for my algebra class and AP. You can find videos there on processes like the mitochondria and the like, even nursing clinical stuff.

    One thing I do use a lot is an app called gFlashPro... it is a flashcard app that I paid for (4.99 I think). I can enter my list (or use someone elses) on study stack and download that list to my iphone. I have put in all of the Mosby's medical terminology cards and review them all the time on my phone. It's advanced study for NS for me.

    Under the mobile computing you will find many apps for nursing specifically. I hope that gives you a little bit to start with.
  4. by   Me,Myself&I
    There's an app called 3D Brain. Its real good for reviewing the brain parts. Its free.

    'Human body Anatomy' for 2.99 which includes all the systems.
  5. by   Suse
    There are several apps for Microbiology as well.
  6. by   Suse
    The Microbiology app is "Microbiology Flashcards 1.0" made by Lippincott and it's $34.99
  7. by   Silverdragon102
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