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  1. 0 Hi everybody,
    Does anyone use the IPOD touch for downloading stuff that can help you with nursing school... if so, what have you downloaded so far and what do you find very helpful?Please share if you don't mind. I have only downloaded--drugs and it really helps. Thanks so much
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    I have skyscape. webmd, there was a free nclex review last weekend (normally $5 I think), epocates, medscape and medcalc.....now I haven't started school, so take it as my 2 cents. I hope people respond cause I'm curious if I'll ever use this stuff!
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    I have Epocates and it is very helpful.
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    Don't forget Skyscape's OCM (outcomes medicine). It should be free with the skyscape download. VERY useful.

    Also, make sure you have a wiki version and a dictionary.

    The Merck Manual podcasts are also very useful, if you are a nerd like me. Great in the car, walking, treadmill/bike. I can imagine they would be helpful for review of systems and topics before clinicals and tests. You might find others. I listened to them while studying for my certification exams...I believe they helped me.
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    I just ordered an Ipod Touch yesterday to use during nursing school. I'm looking forward to getting it and trying it out since I don't think I ever even been close to one!
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    I have downloaded the app Mental Case which is linked to the flashcards located at flashcardexchange.com. They have millions of flash cards, including for most text books and nclex review.