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So I start my BSN program next month (woohoo!) and my contract is up with my carrier around that time also. It looks like in just about every "what supplies are good to have?" thread, almost everyone says that their iPhone is one... Read More

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    As someone else already said, check with your program first. I bought a 3rd gen iPod Touch - no camera and no cell phone - for my electronic reference, and I went with the Unbound reference suite instead of Skyscape or the new Pepid (I'm currently test driving the Pepid as my Unbound is up for renewal). I only had problems at one facility (a childrens' hospital) allowing me to use it once I demonstrated there was no camera and no cell phone, just reference materials. But each program and hospital differs.

    I'm personally an Android fan and dislike the iOS, but most people find the iOS more intuitive. I suggest you look around at the programs you want to use, what platforms they're available on, and what platform you're most comfortable with.

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    Bump...I had an iPhone since it came out so this is all I know. I want the Kindle phone but I am worried the android apps aren't as good for medical professionals. Any thoughts?
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    Hello All,
    Can any share some of these useful apps that Apple has for nursing/medical?
    I would greatly appreciate it.
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    SHOTS, Epocrates, UpToDate, Medscape, GoodRx, FP notebook, Preg Wheel, Medscape
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    Apps on Android phones are just as good as iPhone apps. Especially ones produced by the same company. There are some differences based on the underlying operating system as to how they work.

    One thing to remember is that although there for all practical purposes one iPhone, there are many different android phones and each cell phone operator adds their own software to the mix. Saying an your android phone didn't work out is like saying because your Ford failed, all cars fail.

    There are a few things that Android phones do better. They multitask better. You can be watching something and taking notes at the same time for example.
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    Either way is about the same. It depends on which platform you like better and which one you want to commit to. Unfortunately, one app you buy in one system does not carry over to the other system. Apple seems to cost more but I like that 99% of the time the apps carry over between my iphone, ipad, and ipod. I've bought into the Apple system and I love the Applecare. It works for me since my phone broke through extensive, normal usage and Apple replaced it with no issue.
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