iPhone vs Android?

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    I have to make a decision soon as to what phone to choose with AT&T. They gave me a Blackberry but my contract is up and I am planning on upgrading. I am allowed to use my phone for work as I am house charge and I cover 4 wings. They txt me. and I have all my reference books on it. as well as things that I need to remember... will it make a differance if i am used to window type products. I have never used a Mac of any kind.

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    iPhone, don't waste your time with others.

    I currently have a Droid X, coming from an iPhone 3G. I'm going back to the iPhone. Had to switch b/c of my wife's corporate plan. Now that Verizon has iPhone, we both are switching when our contracts are up.

    Good luck.
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    iPhone no questions
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    My husband has a blackberry and I just got an iPhone. The iPhone is so much better than blackberry. I recently got an iPad a little before the iPhone. I've never used apple anything but it didn't matter. Everything is very intuitive.
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    Just got my iphone 4 and love it!

    The resolution is so much better.
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    I too got a Verizon iPhone 4 and I LOVE IT!! As the previous poster said, the resolution is SO much better than the iPhone 3GS.
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    My DH just got an Iphone4 from att and loves it! Placing all apps on for
    work including Perry Mason to watch in between court cases.
    Love technology, how did we ever live without iphones, ipods,and ipads?
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    I love my iPhone!!!!

    Sorry, that's all I had to contribute.
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    iPhone!!! It will change your life!!! :heartbeat :heartbeat
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    I want an iPhone really bad, but I also love my Droid X. Verizon didn't come out with the iPhone till just after I'd gotten my Droid (and I'd had the previous droids as well and liked them). Mac products are very user friendly for the most part and I love my iPod Touch so I keep thinking "if this was a phone too, it would be PERFECT!", but now my contract won't be up for awhile so boooooooo.....

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