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I have to make a decision soon as to what phone to choose with AT&T. They gave me a Blackberry but my contract is up and I am planning on upgrading. I am allowed to use my phone for work as I am house charge and I cover 4 wings.... Read More

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    I'll go off the board with the Motorola Xoom. Fabulous piece of hardware and don't underestimate the value of open-source development.

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    I guess I'm the outlier here....

    I am a Droid fan girl....I've had the iPhone and an iPod touch and I hated both...it wasn't for me and I would NEVER go back...

    However, i LOVE Droid...I'm getting the Samsung Galaxy Tab for nursing school, and i currently have the Motorola Devour, which is AMAZING it does so much more then the iPhone could DREAM of doing, its cheap and its made of aluminum! ( i don't even need a case!) plus it has a slide out keyboard, with me and my clumsiness and fat fingers it makes life so much easier!

    But, its hard to go for peoples opinions on what you want. That old adage of ("opinions are like A**holes") rings true...I got the iPhone/iPod touch because of others opinions and never should have....

    your best bet is to go to the corporate stores (Where you can try out the phone first hand) and see what you like better, find a friend with a droid and a friend with an iphone and see which apps you prefer,

    the best way to look at it is, your going to be getting a NEW phone so if (in case) you decide you want a different one in a month, then you can sell it for full price and buy what you want...or in some cases they will let you have the phone for a certain period, from 7-30 usually and you can exchange it....

    good luck in your choice though!
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    ip4, user friendly, easy to navigate
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    I got the Motorola Atrix (android) for nursing school, and obviously other reasons. Really like the phone, and it has a plethora of useful features and apps.
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    I love my droid for many reasons, mainly for the full pull out keyboard. It also has an on screen keyboard if you prefer that. I really do better with the pull out, though.
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    I am nolonger in school but use my phone every day. I decided in the droid.
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    android, but I believe the iPhone has something the android can never replace with the IPHONE

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