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I am starting my first RN job as a new grad on Aug 10 -- the 1st 2 days are "general orientation" for ALL new employees. Word is that large amounts of it will not apply to me, and I've been advised to bring something subtle to... Read More

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    Got iAnesthesia's "Instant ECG", cost $4.99 at iTunes yesterday. Pretty cool. Has a tutorial to analyze/learn how to read, cardiac diagrams, and show's rhythms across screen live. WAY COOL. I did read that it might be lacking some tricky little rhythms but I can learn from this, and seems that it will be updated! Go check it out!

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    Thanks so much, everyone! I will definitely check out all your suggestions. 'Course I love the freebies (if I don't like 'em, delete 'em), but a fully-featured, not *too* expensive app or two would be nice. ECGs are a weak area of mine, that is very intriguing...

    And thanks for the job congrats too -- I am anxious of course, but mostly very excited, and feeling VERY grateful that I was able to land a job in my chosen speciality in this job market!
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    Definitely Epocrates. If you're in the med room, I still think it's usually faster to just look in a med book though.

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