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iPhone apps for nurses (not students)

  1. 0 I see lots of discussions about favorite iPhone apps for nursing students, school clinicals, NCLEX, etc. But I'm wondering what iPhone apps are favorites among working nurses and why. I'm especially interested in med-surg, general adult nursing, drug references, and maybe some more medical-leaning resources (DDx, apps that medical residents might use). Any thoughts? Or do a lot of you find that it's really not needed/practical to use iPhone apps in your daily nursing?
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    I'm a working APN and I use Skyscape (free) and then have:

    the CDC tidbits
    Renal Drug Dosing
    Antibiotic guides
    Anticoagulation guides

    I use ePocrates but I do not prescribe based on it - too many mistakes in it IMHO.

    As with all guides, you should use what your institution uses as their gold standard.
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    I have Davis too.

    But I also have the free Medscape and Micromedex. These are extremely good and they are free. Davis is good for how to administer... evaluate which is what you are looking for. However last summer the really effed up and the app kept failing. I did not renew with them, I still update the app however, which is strange since I no longer pay?!

    This stuff is good for if you have a question while at home, or one pops in your head when you aren't at work, or just to keep up on stuff.
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    Medical Calculator
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    Thanks for the ideas - these are great suggestions! One question I'm having... Do most of these apps store all of the data on your phone, or are they constantly pulling data over the internet (and using your data plan quota, or relying on you having wi-fi connection to avoid draining your quota)? I would honestly rather have apps that store all the data on the phone so I'm not at the mercy of a hospital allowing me wi-fi access or chewing up my cheap data plan. Thanks!
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    Medscape and micromedex store on your phone/touch.
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    Medical Calculator
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    For carrying files, very much like FileApp / DiskAid... $9.99.