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  1. Are there any iPhone apps anyone would recommend for studying? For a&p, chemistry or nursing in general? Thanks!
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  3. by   professionalgirl80
    Quote from Stefanie1
    Are there any iPhone apps anyone would recommend for studying? For a&p, chemistry or nursing in general? Thanks!
    There are a couple of free apps for A&P, chem, & nursing. However, there are some you have to purchase. A&P apps includes Inside the Organelle Cell, 3D Cell Stain, Mitosis, Human Anatomy, Visual Anatomy, Anatomy, Visual Body Atlas 2, Visual Body Circulatory, Visual Body Respiratory, Heart Illustrated, ISD Circulatory, ISD Digestion, ISD Respiratory, Organs, Anatomy Lite, Bones Lite, & Primal Quiz. Microbiology apps includes Biology Series Microbiology, Bacteria Virus, and Genetic Cell Biology versions. Khan's Academy has a few Chemistry Apps. As for nursing there are Lippincott NCLEX Q&A Health Assessment, NCLEX Q&A Fundamentals, NCLEX Q&A Pathophysiology, & NCLEX Q&A Med-Surg versions. There are apps out there, but you just have to search. Hope this helps!!
  4. by   CrimsonAlchemist
    Not so much for studying, but a few quick references that I like:
    Micromedex Drug: Drug book that includes patient teaching. Free(might have paid version, but I just use the free one)
    MD ezLabs(Lab value reference for men, women, peds, causes of increases and decreases in labs. Free)
    Clinicalc(Clinical calculations for a whole host of different things. Free.)
    Flashcard app to make flashcards
    A translator may be useful for quick reference(Instead of getting the phone every time. For nonemergent things of course, such as asking if they need the bathroom or a snack)

    Most of my apps are oriented to clinicals, but they could also be useful in the classroom.
  5. by   RockSteadyUSMC
    I use iStudiez Pro to manage everything with my classes, and I love it so far. I also use an app just simply titled "Anatomy" that has an icon with a white background and what looks like multi-coloured books and a little cell phone next to it. This app gives good overviews and also has flash cards as well. The last app I recommend is called Slidester, and it allows you to download any PowerPoint slides to it as well as let you add notes to each slide or even recordings of lectures you may want to include. If you use Blackboard like CUNY does, or anything similar to it, it allows you to download directly from there as well. I'm using it for my Psych class! My last recommendation is called Super Note, and it allows you to record lectures as well as add notes at the same time, which I think is infinitely valuable for classes like A&P and many others!

    I have been hunting on that App Store constantly, so I am always on the lookout for good apps to help in my studies. I only got out of college five years ago and my how things have changed so much to help students - it's great :-)
  6. by   MusicEMT
    Speed anatomy, Speed Angiology, Speed Bones, Speed Muscles (best apps ever for learning anatomy!!!! and very detailed!!) available for both iphone and andrioid
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  8. by   Midwest Mark
    Here's my most commonly used apps. Hopefully you'll find some useful as well. I tried to list all the free apps i use, but many of these have paid versions as well if you were interested. (I personally use mostly the free versions).

    iStudiez Pro ($0.99) - I use this app every day. Keeps classes and assignments organized.

    CloudOn (Free) - this is like Google drive. No need to carry around usb drives since everything is stored in the cloud. You can access your documents anywhere and has built-in MS Office to view PowerPoints, work on word docs, and so on.

    Evernote (Free) - This is my main workhorse. I use this to take notes and insert pictures of the material I'm studying. Each of my courses has its own "notebook" where everything is broken down by chapter.

    Flashcards* (Free) - Build your own flashcards or download an existing deck created by other users. Put in a question on one side and tap the card to flip it over to see the answer. You can also use pictures.

    AppShopper (Free) - keeps you up to date on the newest App Store apps, sales and freebies

    (Free) - Huge directory of clinical reference material.

    MedScape (Free) - Another huge database for almost anything medical related you can think of for a clinical setting

    NurseNet (Free) - News and medical abbreviations.

    SoundBuiler by Littmann
    (Free) - a learning tool designed to help improve the auscultation skills of students and practicing clinicians. I highly recommend this one as well.

    3D Cell Lite (Free) - 3D tools and simulations for Cells.

    Molecules (Free) - 3D molecules

    Nova Elements (Free) - Lessons about the periodic table

    Nuclear (Free) - Lets you learn, play, discover and explore the chemical elements at the atomic scale.

    Periodic Table Lite (Free) - Nice interactive and informative periodic table.

    3d musculoskeletal quiz (Free) - quiz on the musculoskeletal system

    Skeletal Head & Neck Pro III (Free) - A great app to study the head and neck bone structures.

    3D Brain (Free) - 29 interactive structures. Discover how each brain region functions, what happens when it is injured, and how it is involved in mental illness.

    Visual Anatomy Lite (Free) - Interactive anatomy reference with Gray's anatomy images add-on, a muscle highlighting tool and full description.

    Edit: I use these on my iPad, but many, if not all, should work on your iPhone.
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  9. by   whiteorked
    For nursing : i recommend lab values, its easier to know about the patient conditions.
    ( this will come out handy when during attachments to hospitals/clinics) it cost $2.99 but for me its worth buying
  10. by   ERnurse1983Ontario
    Apps I use:

    1)Merck Manual professional edition - might be pricey for some at about $30 but its well worth it. The amount of reliable info at the tip of your hands is amazing! Organized very well. Merck is a name you can trust and its cheaper than the actual textbook.

    2) Lab Values (Medicon) - always useful especially for labs you don't always see. Provides clinical interpretation of high and low values.

    3) McGraw Hill Nursing Spectrum Drug Handbook - up to date and can also organize drugs into classification and common things to observe for based on the class of drug.

    4) Meteor Notes -hands down the best note taking app I've used. The ability to create subfolders of notes makes it easy to organize information. I've used this app to collect and organize information about ACLS drugs, important points about assessments, etc. check it out!