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  1. 2 Hi I'm a new nurse (just passed my exam this week!). I recently purchased an iPhone and just wanted to know if anyone has any medical or nursing app suggestions that are free. So far I have downloaded a drug guide. Thanks!
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    hmmm, lessee here, what's on mine that's nursing/medical related? (loove my iphone)

    translator, useful for, well, translating to - from other languages. it really works, if your patient is literate in his language.
    convert (units conversions)
    anatomy (netter's pix-- expensive but all parts labeled and you can't beat it for patient teaching)
    lab values
    finr brain (i do a lot of brain injury stuff)
    shoulderdoc (i do a lot of ortho)
    you get a calculator with it, i think; if not, there are lots available

    the journal of nurse life care planning did a great article on smartphone apps awhile back. go to aanlcp | american assocation of nurse life care planners and look for the jnlcp x.4, december 2010, page 294.
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    I use the following:



    Qx Calculate (have formulae for most specialties)

    Micromedex Drug Info

    Phoenix Diascan Volume Monitoring System (for hemodialysis)
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    i use micromedex drug info, epocrates, and medscape, these are totally necessary in my book.
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    Skyscape is great because they have many of the same textbooks my school required and they are formatted for my mobile screen (I had an Android and now I have an iPhone), they work on iPad too. I can enter a disease or drug and it searches all my books and I have the info in seconds. The Nursing Constellation Plus has a drug guide, dictionary, RNotes, labs and disease for reasonable money considering you get 6 books and a medical calculator. They offer discounts to schools, so I bought mine at a discount. Go to www.skyscape.com to see what they have. You can try their free app that includes a drug guide and medical calculator at their website Skyscape Free App I always have my phone and I haven't had an issue with any clinics or hospitals letting me use it.
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    Congratulations on passing your NCLEX!

    The translator app is very useful. Here are some of my other favorites:
    - ABG Eval
    - Micromedex (like this even better than Lexicomp and it's FREE)
    - AACN2Go
    - Lab Values+ (I think it's like $2.99)
    - Critical Care (I think this was a couple of $...but it's a GOLDMINE of information and especially useful if you work in an ICU or ICU stepdown unit)
    - ACLS Manual
    - Convert
    - NIHSS Stroke Scale
    - Qx Calculate
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    you just can't beat the micromedex & the best thing is that it's free.. we like free
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    Micromedex. Comprehensive. FREE.

    To the ones using Lab Values, of which app author do you have?
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    Quote from zero.
    micromedex. comprehensive. free.

    to the ones using lab values, of which app author do you have?
    my apologies, i couldn't begin to tell you since it was installed by the facility where i work, maybe someone else can enlighten you on this subject, have a great week....aloha~