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    So I have an iPhone and my school says I need a PDA that has windows or Palm stuff on it. I have seen a recent post about how PDAs are out and smartphones are in but how (if u even can) do u get windows and all the stuff I have to download on the iPhone?? I have looked through the app store but found nothing.. Any help would be wonderful!!

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    Most of the apps are from outside companies like Davis Drug Guide or Skyscape, and they are available for iphone as well as palm... Depending on what your school wants you to have, you would need to go to the individual company's website to purchase the app and download to your iphone...
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    You really need to ask them what, specifically, excludes your IPhone. I love all of the cool FREE stuff I have for my Ipod touch.

    They should be able to list what "products" they will have you load onto the PDA.

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