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Hi All, A tech friend of mine mentioned that Palm OS and Windows Mobile seem to be on the way out...there seems to be growing interest in the Iphone/Ipod touch medical application arena... I... Read More

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    Quote from BAMARN09
    Do you know if the IPOD Touch has the same capabilities as the iphone...in your opinion (or if anyone knows) which would be a better choice for a new grad starting in the ER?
    As far as I know, the iPod Touch does have all the abilities of the iPhone except that of the phone, SMS (although you can download apps that make that possible over WiFi I believe), and you need to be connected to WiFi to use the internet and for apps that require internet connection.

    So, if your hospital has WiFi access, the Touch would be equivalent when it comes to medical/nursing apps. If not, I'd go for the phone

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    You can also make calls on your ipod. All you need are those earbuds that have a mic, and access to wireless internet. I have the app called "icall", and it is 100% free. Good for those occasional calls when you have wireless access.
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    Not a nurse (Not yet, at least )
    But I can tell you this.....

    My ex boyfriend's mother was an ICCU nurse @ Mass General in Boston for at least 20+ years, and about a year ago, came home so insistent on getting an iPhone immediately with one of the reasons being, she'd be the only nurse on her unit without one.

    It's great for a lot of people in a lot of different professions, but it seems to be an especially great multi-tool for nurses.
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    I have an Iphone and it is quite ridiculous how much I LOVE it. I am a prenursing student and I can see how having this phone will be really nice in nursing school. Being able to have the internet in my pocket has already helped me with my prenursing classes. I've used apps to help me memorize bones, which I loved. I need to try some of the other apps.

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