Ipad or Tablet? Apps? Would like to know which you prefer? - page 3

by laylayluv90 | 9,391 Views | 22 Comments

I already have a laptop. I would like to purchase a tablet or ipad. I wanted to know who uses theirs in nursing school if for which do you have? Pro and cons? Which apps you have downloaded? Thanks a lot!!!... Read More

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    Thanks. I know I want the regular one just can't decide 16g, 32g, 64g, etc. not sure exactly how much storage I'm going to need.
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    I know for me I could afford 64 so went for 64. Depends on what you can afford and what else you are going to do with it
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    I'm leaning towards the 64 just so I have room to grow. As expensive as they are, that sucker better last me a while!! Lol

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