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I already have a laptop. I would like to purchase a tablet or ipad. I wanted to know who uses theirs in nursing school if for which do you have? Pro and cons? Which apps you have downloaded? Thanks a... Read More

  1. by   MAtoLVN
    I have an ipad 4 (the one with retina display) and although I haven't started school yet I love it. A family memeber just bought google nexus 10 so I'm excited to try it. I went ipad because I have an iPhone 5 so they are compatible.
  2. by   AngelicDarkness
    I have a blackberry playbook - I find it a bit easier than an Ipad because it isn't as big and bulky.
  3. by   Overland1
    The Android-based tablets are great, but more geared to getting one's geek on than are the iPad tablets, which are probably more "unplug 'n' play". While the newest Samsung tablets have a really nice display, Apple still leads the pack. The price for Apple applications is usually quite low, but all are tested to work with the iStuff; the Android apps are more of the freeware/shareware variety, much like we see on Windows and Linux PC's. One thing Apple has - and it works really well - is FaceTime, which allows you to communicate with others and does video communication; visiting with Apple-equipped friends and family just got kicked up a notch. Now that 4G-LTE service is available in more places (VZW has most areas covered), data speeds are much faster (Bam! ).

    Go to an Apple store and they will treat you like royalty, showing you the myriad tasks and features handled by the iPad (regular or mini).

    Are these devices cheap to buy? Probably not, but considering cost vs. price, they are a pretty good buy that should serve the user well for several years.
  4. by   Xlorgguss
    I personally have the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and I love it. Now I have just switched programs form Bio/Premed to Nursing so I may not be the BEST judge. But it has done everything I could ever ask it to do and more. Most of my notes have been given as powerpoints. So I just have to open it up using one of the installed programs (was free) then export it as a pdf. Then I bought a really nice app which saves the pdfs and you can organize it etc. But the nicest part is the ability to add notes directly on the pdfs. I have used an ipad with a stylus and I honestly prefer the active digitizer on the Note 10.1 so much more. If you have any questions specifically feel free to ask me. Other options might include the Asus Transformer Pad (has a keyboard that attaches and boosts battery) and the Microsoft Surface. I have seen both in use and all seem like great options!
  5. by   sylvestrer
    I have the iPad 3 & love it! I use it for my MSN program for FNP. I use Notability for my classes. You can import the powerpoint presentations, then highlight, type or write, right on the ppt presentation. Plus it has the option to record your class. I find this very effective, since I always find it much easier to listen to the lecture at home without the distractions that occur in class. I have the 64 Gb, I see they now have a 128 Gb. I have filled up 20 Gb already, purchased it October 2012 I will be purchasing an iPad mini when I start my clinicals, it's easier to keep in your pocket. I have an iPhone, but it is difficult to view the smaller screen with my older eyes. I use the iPad for everything. Reading, calendar, messaging, mail, studying. It is not good for writing papers. Still need a regular computer, laptop or desktop for that.
  6. by   sunbaby0811
    Curious to all of you that have the iPad - what size do you have and is it good for you or would you want more or less room? I am going to get an iPad if I get into NS and I can't decide what size?!
  7. by   shay&lynn
    Quote from sunbaby0811
    Curious to all of you that have the iPad - what size do you have and is it good for you or would you want more or less room? I am going to get an iPad if I get into NS and I can't decide what size?!
    I have the IPad 3, unsure of spec sizes.

    We are not allowed to have any electronic devices while in clinical, so no iPad mini for me
  8. by   sunbaby0811
    Thanks. I know I want the regular one just can't decide 16g, 32g, 64g, etc. not sure exactly how much storage I'm going to need.
  9. by   Silverdragon102
    I know for me I could afford 64 so went for 64. Depends on what you can afford and what else you are going to do with it
  10. by   sunbaby0811
    I'm leaning towards the 64 just so I have room to grow. As expensive as they are, that sucker better last me a while!! Lol