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Ipad or Macbook pro or Air????

  1. 0 I have my 15" Macbook Pro at home.. its massive, and I do not want to have to drag it with me to class. I start class in the fall, and am debating whether or not I should get an Ipad or another Macbook laptop (Either the 13" or the 13" Air). Most of our books will be EBooks. What would you say to get? I refuse to go to a PC (nothing but issues).. I know good old fashion pen and paper, which I will use, but also would like to have a computer or tablet with me as well, to type my stuff up at school during breaks, etc.

    What would you suggest????

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    I'd get a 13'inch. That's what I have and I'll be taking it with me to class. iPads aren't bad however, I don't know if they have word? Maybe so. But, I also can't type that fast with something that small. If most of your books are Ebooks I guess an iPad. Plus, you already have a computer. If worse comes to worse take it with you when you need it. Hope whatever you choose works out.
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    If its any help, I love my iPad. I have ebooks and use it to take notes. It has enabled me to reduce my load at school a lot. Now I just bring my iPad, stylus, and a small binder around with me. If I have to do a lot of typing, I either do it at home on my MacBook Pro or in one of the computer labs.

    My BSN program will require us to have laptops (Why? Idk.) But when I get there and if I can't use my iPad, I will buy an Air.
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    And btw, I don't type notes on the iPad I write them with a stylus.
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    I have an Ipad 2 and I love it! I bought a fold up wireless keyboard that mounts your iPad, basically turning it into a laptop. I use notes plus to type and record lectures, plus it's lightweight and has a long lasting battery! HTH!
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    kayruhh-it's amazing how much advanced technology is! I did not know of a "wireless keyboard" that's pretty cool! I'd deff. go for iPad then!
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    Here's the link for the keyboard if interested:Tablet Accessories
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    Have hope- I know, right?? It's crazy!