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I just got accepted to SFSU for Fall 2010 and I am reading all these threads on what I need to buy for school. Almost everyone points out a PDA/Iphone is needed. Anyone using an Ipad or plan to? Reanna... Read More

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    Quote from a54flo
    Not at all! I wouldn't have believed it either. The books also don't take up much memory at all either. Try the app; it's free and there are a thousands of books that are free on Amazon. Then you'll know if it would work for you.
    I don't think that's a good use for me. The screen is far to small for me to do more than look up something quick. I don't want to read on it.

    Glad it works for you though!!


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    My concern about the iPad, especially if you plan to take it to clinicals: Very hard to carry around with you and hence, very easy to be theived.
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    I just got an ipad love it. I didnt get the 3G version but if you buy a cord that connects to your cell phone you can feed off of your cells 3G network. So far I have downloaded nursing podcasts for my clinical skills. So when im not in lab or just need to refresh steps I use the ipad. I double check all my med calcs on it. It is easy to keep your assignments organized.I have made NR flash cards too. It also has itunes U so I can get helpful skill and lecture videos from different schools.I wouldnt use it in clinicals but it is a good study tool.
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    I just got my iPad 3G and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! It helps me with so many things. I have the case that gives it the feel of a "notebook" as well as the keyboard that allows me to type large documents using the "Pages" App. I also have a printer that has WiFi (a lot of new printers have this) and so I am able to print anything I want. From the Pages application I am able to save the document is Word format and email it to anyone. I have also downloaded sevaral textbooks and am able to read things on the go. There is a NCLEX review app that I can access anytime, anywhere. I also like the iHomework applicatin that allows me to keep all of my classes in order, all of my assignments, test, ect., as well as input my grade and calulate my averages. As far as using it in clinical, it is possible since it is even smaller than a notebook, however I also have an iPhone so I just sync my iPad and my iPhone to have the same applications and take the iPhone with me to clinicals since it is a little more convenient.
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    Quote from Intern67
    An Ipad would be a fantastic tool for a nursing student if it had a keyboard and ran windows applications with multitasking.
    The touch keyboard is actually excellent and responsive.

    However, you are exactly right about the multitasking. It's strictly a one at a time deal.

    Also, as awesome as the Pages App is, it's not Word.
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    Quote from Intern67
    An Ipad would be a fantastic tool for a nursing student if it had a keyboard and ran windows applications with multitasking.
    That exists already, here's an example:

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    Quote from ♪♫ in my ♥
    My concern about the iPad, especially if you plan to take it to clinicals: Very hard to carry around with you and hence, very easy to be theived.
    I agree it would be to big to carry around at clinicals, I think an iTouch/Palm would be a better tool.

    I have a small tablet and and don't bring that to clinicals for the same reason.
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    do you want to view powerpoint slideshow on your ipad? i google "ppt on ipad" and then find these tips for you.
    this article introduces 4 ways to view ppt on ipad at:
    http://www.acoolsoft.com/articles/vi...t-on-ipad.html i really like the video way.
    this article introduces 2 ways at: http://www.mahalo.com/how-to-use-powerpoint-on-an-ipad
    hope both of the articles can give you some idea.
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    I am so glad I found this thread. I have an iPad and I absolutely LOVE it! When i bought it though had no intention of using it for school, i was just going to stick with pen and paper, but now i think that it will do the trick. I haven't been accepted into nursing school yet (my school works on a points system and I am confident I will be accepted for the fall).

    I am on my iPad right now and while the virtual keyboard takes some getting used to, you soon get it and it becomes really easy to type on. One of the reasons i bought the iPad is because the MacBook pro was out if my price range and i could not justify spending that much money when i already have a perfectly great iMac that does the same thing. I understand that i have to use PCs in my professional life, but i refuse to use it in my personal life. The iPad is so light and i can take it everywhere with me, not that i would take it to clinicals (that seems unpractical).

    I decided that i am going to use Evernote (a free app) to take my notes and I would encourage all of you to check it out no matter what type of computer or smartphone you have. (from what i have heard it is similar to microsoft onenote.) It works with everything and you can even access your info online. I put all of my old a&p notes and micro notes into it so I can refresh and review everything before i start school. It keeps me super organized and i don't have to deal with huge binders and paper falling everywhere. The free version gives you a 40mb limit per month you can take notes, record voice memos, clip web pages that are useful, tag everything so its easy to find. If you decide you need more space you can upgrade to a paid version ($5/month or $45/year) that gives you 500mb/month and some other features- on is that it will also search all your photos and pdfs. It syncs up automatically (with internet connection) so if i take notes in class, they will be on my imac when i get some so i can edit them if i need to. I doubt i'm explaining any of this very well so you guys should just check out the website evernote.com

    I am on Verizon so i don't have an iPhone (oh but i want one), but after reading all of your comments i am definitely going to get an iPod touch to carry around with me when i start clinicals.
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    hi, im a nursing student. from this thread i learned that we can upload med cards in blackberru/iphone.
    ho w do u upload med book in blackberry or iphone? thanks!

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