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In the ever changing world of computer technology, how many of you out there actually use an IPAD while at work? Or maybe something similar? I'm curious... I'm considering making a purchase, thanks!... Read More

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    I work in community with CDM and find the IPAD 2 a great treaching tool. ALso it is great in showing family's a lot of the online PDFs that my health area has put on it's web site. It is also very helpful with my older client's as I can make the typing any size. A lot of client's over 65 do not use a computer at all.
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    From what I have observed, IPADs are used for showing off the baby pictures of the kids and showing co-workers the latest vacation photos.
    All drug information is available easily available free on the computers at work.
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    I have an iPod touch for portable references. The iPad is mostly for home use, usually when I don't want to boot up the computer. It also has the same apps that my iPod touch has.
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    We have computers at work, and ranges for labs, information on medications, etc is very easy to come by.

    We are not permitted to have our cell phones on us, unless it is in the breakroom. Period. I can't imagine they they would allow an iPad, and I'm not sure that I would want to lug it around with me.
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    Quote from BluegrassRN
    I use my iPhone a lot to look up labs, etc if I can't get to a computer. Otherwise, the computer is faster. I'd be worried about carrying an iPad around; where would you set it? Why wouldn't some one walk off with it? And iPhone or iPod touch can be placed in your pocket, but an iPad is too big for that.
    I just noticed that they sell lab coats with iPad pockets, if you do a google search you will see them.
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    Quote from 3xmom
    I just noticed that they sell lab coats with iPad pockets, if you do a google search you will see them.

    That is way too cool!!!