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In the ever changing world of computer technology, how many of you out there actually use an IPAD while at work? Or maybe something similar? I'm curious... I'm considering making a purchase, thanks!... Read More

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    I do home health. I bought an iPhone and the later an iPad. I figured I had Internet access on the iPhone and most places have WiFi. Wrong. I am shocked at the number of homes that do not have WiFi. So to make a long story short, I received DOs through email and had to read them on my iPhone screen, which caused me to make a medication error. I look up drugs at drugs.com, which helps me a great deal. But again, I have had problems reading them on that tiny screen. I had to buy another iPad with 3G. It cost me another $25 for Internet access. From what I understand though, we will soon be able to use the Internet through the cell phone by making it a WiFi hotspot. I use my iPad all the time at work. I look up disease processes too. Hope that helps.

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    Quote from ydbush30
    @justinallen, do you find that the ipad is a little bulky to be carrying around? i was thinking of getting one too.
    i actually use both my ipad and itouch but i will say this. with multiple patients i have a notebook where i keep my medication orders at and i just keep it right in there. it's usually close by and i can operate it without any issues.

    i am working with a local hospital in using them with their citrix portal system and currently there are a few doctors using it for x-rays and a few other things.

    once again in a few years more and more hospitals will be embracing this and finding better ways to incorporate them into the daily routine. getting one now allows you to be that far ahead and you may wind up on the tech committee if you are thoughtful enough in your use of it.

    as a side note i do use the apple keyboard for my classroom notetaking...it really is the only way to enter large amounts of data.
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    I have nursing apps on my andriod phone. an ipad is too big to haul around imo.
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    I work in community with CDM and find the IPAD 2 a great treaching tool. ALso it is great in showing family's a lot of the online PDFs that my health area has put on it's web site. It is also very helpful with my older client's as I can make the typing any size. A lot of client's over 65 do not use a computer at all.
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    From what I have observed, IPADs are used for showing off the baby pictures of the kids and showing co-workers the latest vacation photos.
    All drug information is available easily available free on the computers at work.
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    I have an iPod touch for portable references. The iPad is mostly for home use, usually when I don't want to boot up the computer. It also has the same apps that my iPod touch has.
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    We have computers at work, and ranges for labs, information on medications, etc is very easy to come by.

    We are not permitted to have our cell phones on us, unless it is in the breakroom. Period. I can't imagine they they would allow an iPad, and I'm not sure that I would want to lug it around with me.
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    Quote from BluegrassRN
    I use my iPhone a lot to look up labs, etc if I can't get to a computer. Otherwise, the computer is faster. I'd be worried about carrying an iPad around; where would you set it? Why wouldn't some one walk off with it? And iPhone or iPod touch can be placed in your pocket, but an iPad is too big for that.
    I just noticed that they sell lab coats with iPad pockets, if you do a google search you will see them.
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    Quote from 3xmom
    I just noticed that they sell lab coats with iPad pockets, if you do a google search you will see them.

    That is way too cool!!!

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