iPad and MBA? (Mandatory e-books)

  1. I recently switched to a MBA after years of using a PC and I love it. It's so much faster and easier to bring to school.

    However, I'm starting the BSN program this January and am contemplating buying a refurbished iPad from Apple too. My school has a mandatory $900 e-book package, complete with online lessons/assignments/etc that we will be using throughout the program. I hate this. I like to read off of paper, not a screen. If we want hardcopies, we have to purchase the actual books on top of the $900 package. Quite annoying.

    My question is, do you think it would be worthwhile to also buy an iPad since our books will be on-screen?

    I have somewhat made up my mind, but would like opinions. Does anyone else have a macbook AND an iPad? How do you find it? Should I get 3G on it? I could get a sharing plan since I don't use all of my data on my iPhone..
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  3. by   ReordonaSRN
    I sold my MBA for a Mac Book Pro with retina display I also bought the mini and iPad so I can have my books on all my devices. When I am working at the hospital I have my mini so I can do all my reading during down time plus it fits in my scrub pants and on my regular Ipad when I am at the gym or just out and want to study. If I am writing papers I can use the iPad and reference what I need with out switching applications from reader to word. This also helps when I am citing my work. That's just my opinion.
  4. by   Southern Magnolia
    I have used my ipad throughout my BSN program for e-books through VitalSource bookshelf. I have them on my imac as well. I would say that having the more portable version would probably be a good idea. However, you might consider an ipad mini. It just depends on your other needs. I have had an ipad since the 1st generation came out and must say that I really like reading on it better than print books. I have a 4th gen retina now and carry it around like another text book.