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  1. Hi everyone and happy July 4th! My question is: are there any apps for iPad2 that make it possible to view PowerPoint slides? If yes, can you please tell me the name of the apps. Thank you.
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  3. by   AlisRN

    this is what i found...

    good luck!

  4. by   ChrisCNA
    not sure
  5. by   juliaann
    I use Keynote. Sometimes you have to download the .ppt file first (I use Filer for that), and then you can choose "open in keynote" you can also open them and make notes on them in apps like Notify and then save as a PDF file. It's not great, but workable.
  6. by   healthstar
    Thank you everyone
  7. by   desilu92
    I bought Docs to Go for $9.99. I am able to compose and view word documents, excel documents and pp presentations. Good luck!
  8. by   Southern Magnolia
    Notetaker hd will work w/ pdf's so if you convert pp to PDF you can use notetaker hd and make notes directly on the PDF.

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