iPad almost 2 years later

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    My iPad 1.5 years later.

    Yes Iím still in the throws of a loving relationship with my iPad. Is it perfect? No of course not, there is always something more that could be added, but the latest updates to the OS have helped.

    First I guess I should describe again, what I use the iPad for.

    Even though Iím still in clinical nursing Iím an educator at heart. I use the iPad for both reference and education.

    Basic References:

    For a basic nursing reference I used Davis Drug Guide. I donít really have a preference for the publisher. Skyscape, unbound, Itís 6 of one half a dozen of another.

    I use Pepid, now that they have an IOS 5 compatible iPad version.

    Iíve got a bunch of others but they come and go.

    Personal References:

    For personal references, copies of journal articles and such that I want to keep handy, I use a hybrid of Evernote, Dropbox and Good-reader.

    Good reader lets me annotate my pdfís and keeps them sorted. Using drop box and Evernote I have web pages and other PDFís that Iím not using now, but want to have access to.

    Information Management and Social Media

    With IOS 5 Iíve switched to Twitter, itís integrated and it works. For an RSS reader i keep going back and forth between River of News and MrReader. Still havenít decided.

    I use twitter both for social media and information. Each month a large number of my journals post their TOC on twitter. Since I donít get paper copies of the journals much anymore, I only read the articles that I want to read. Iíve got filters set up and such to keep out the stuff I have no interest in. When I get the PDF, I can forward it to people who have an interest, or have it on file if I have a patient that has the disease or symptoms. I use it a lot to point out to the MDís that there may be a better way.

    The combination of the iPhone and the iPad work for me. I would like a 7Ē platform. something in between the iPhone and the iPad.
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    Hey there Craig - I too have an iPad and iPhone, soon to get a Kindle Fire which is 7" and you can surf the net with that - we'll see.
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    You have to get apps from amazon and as of right now their choices are a bit slim. I've messages their marketing ppl and haven'T gotten a response. Once they start expanding their app collection, it might be perfect size. How is it's weight vs size ration. The nook feels heavy.
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    It weighs 14.6 oz.
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    I guess I was asking about perceived weight. It's not always the specs, it's how it feels.
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    Yeah I agree Craig: my iPad I is encased in an Otterbox case which adds bulk.

    However, my grandson plays on it, so the Otterbox stays - lol.

    My iPhone is also encased in an Otterbox for the same reason. I love the protection but yep, it does add bulk/weight.

    My main reason for the Kindle Fire (which won't be shipped until November 15th) is that it is smaller and I would be able to use it with the wifi at work for surfing the net. Sizewise, it should fit in my pocket, versus the iPad which is too big and would walk if left out and about.
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    I too still am enamored with my Pad.

    Only concern is the weight with extended use. Kinda painful if I'm reading a lot and I have to position myself in the recliner to just simply rest my hands. There are several cases that help and don't add too much weight. I prefer the portfolio/flip type cases, color/style abound.

    I own the original iPad and the speed/battery are still quite acceptable. I am curious how apple intends to improve on the third model, weight must surely be considered as my wife's iPad 2 did not add much when I compare side by side, daily use.

    I find myself rarely using my iMac or wife's MBP, again, rarely. There simply is no reason as I do not print that much. I have a iPhone as well and still prefer using the Pad.

    I have not used the Kindle nor Nook products. Have quickly looked at a Nook, seems pretty svelte to me, but not being integrated with my other Apple products/software limits use for me personally.

    If I had to buy a gift for a friend, I'd probably look at a Fire or Nook. The price cannot be beat. For a stronger upgrade, the Galaxy products seem to be the top choice from what I have seen/read. Were I not a Mac head, the Galaxy 7" would be most appealing.

    For healthcare folks, the iPad software choices cannot be beat. I rarely pick up my large text books anymore! Never a PDR.

    My $0.02, Regards.
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    Thanks for the info on IPads. I have been scoping out the choices
    and have also been looking at Asus Eee pad Transformer, but it uses the
    Android OS.

    I am enjoying the discussion on how you use your IPad for school or work,
    the technology is awesome. Sandnww, love the comment how you rarely
    pick up large textbooks anymore! Love that concept!
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    No Flash, no iPad for me.
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    Great topic! I actually have a Toshiba Thrive (Android Honeycomb OS) and I use it for all my reference and text books. Works great! I downloaded the Amazon Kindle App for free from the Android Market and was able to get my Davis' Drug Guide, IV Infusion Guide and others. I don't have any complaints so far. It's nice since I don't need an internet connection to use the Kindle App. The Toshiba is a little heavier than other tablets however that's due to all the ports it has. (The only tablet with a removable battery, mini and regular USB ports, full size SD card slot and HDMI port). I highly recommend it!
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