IPad 2 ok to take notes on in Nursing school?

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    Was wondering if anyone prefers one of these three options when it comes to lecture notes in class: Options 1-Bring ipad to class and take notes from power point. Option 2-Bring PC (very heavy Dell pc) to class and take notes from power point. Option 3-Print out power point lectures and write notes by hand with pen (will require tons of paper and ink). I was contemplating on buying either a MacBook Air or Ipad 2, or just bringing my current old Dell to class for note taking....or I can just print the power points. What do you use or do in nursing school for lecture days??? Thanks so much!

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    I guess an IPad would be ok. My friend uses a voice recorder and her laptop.
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    i just got an ipad2 for christmas. when im more awake ill post the apps that i downloaded to take notes, and get power points etc
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    Everyone is different. I knew of people who brought laptops, iPads, recorders, etc. I however, know if I bring a laptop I'll end up doing something besides paying attention so I always printed out the powerpoints and wrote notes. We were still required to bring our iTouch's b/c of random pop quizzes. There's an app (forgot the name) that was purchased where we would take the pop quizzes on.
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    I have an iPad2 and I purchased classnotes app and pages and keynote. With keynote, it's apples version of ppt. I'd record lecture and type as much as I could on iPad then go home and listen to lecture and type what I missed....you can email keynote as a PDF file, ppt file, or keynote file...I say ipad2!!
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    While in school I found it very difficult to take notes on the ipad. We were able to download the powerpoints before the class and I found it easier to have a laptop and take notes on the powerpoints. I may of put up with the ipad if I could have had my books on the ipad.
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    I've done a little research the last couple of days... And think (as a student just starting the prereqs for nursing school) that a tablet/iPad would be very useful for school. I thought (as an ipod touch user) that the obvious upgrade would be the iPad2, but bang for the buck it may just be a tablet running ICS (or Android 4.0). Let me backup and say that I am headed back to school as a 39 year old who is technically savvy.... but as far as scholastic application, I need a little input.... so "cain0077" I am trying to figure it all out as well. Here is what I have found so far (from forums and such).

    1) Apps (as you know) are king. If you can afford to do both say an iTouch or smart phone to put in your pocket and pull out for reference that is the way to go for real world...plus computer/netbook/tablet for notes and such would be great. I have seen both paramedics and er nurses/docs reference their phones for info.
    2) Computers are a new thing for me when it comes to using them in a scholastic environment but I believe that technology is a great way of working and keeping thing organized and saving paper as well. I printed so many tests and such out for my EMT class....
    3) I was leaning toward Apple to save the day because it would be such an easy transition for me to move between iPod and iPad, but now have found the following;

    -Andriod 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich or ICS) running on an Asus Transformer Prime is pretty darn comparable to the iPad2 That is what I'm leaning toward. $499 plus $149 keyboard for a 32Gb capable device with a system that has usb and sd card inupts.
    - I think that either tablet would be great to have (as long as your program permits it!)
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    At first, it's frustrating trying to keep up because of the way you have to "touch here then touch there" which is why I'd record lecture but once you get the hang of it, it's efficient. The other suggestion is buying a keyboard and then you'd really be set! They're not as expensive as I thought, yet, I haven't purchased one. My mom has one and I've used it so I will be getting one.
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    So, had class today. Textbook loaded on the iPad & all. This is an excellent resource. With the good reader app, I flipped to the pages in the book she was referencing and highlighted key terms, also I can add arrows /text to mark fly important stuff. Very useful, better than lugging multiple books around all day
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    Oh as for notes she handed some stuff out that I wrote stuff on. But typed a few things she said In the book too

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