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  1. Ok, so I know this page is full of all kinds of techie info and I've read the post about the HTC Incredible...Would that be comparable to the HTC Evo (Sprint)? I have a BB Curve right now..and have been dying for the Tour since it came out (I get the "upgrade" on July 1st woot!). I start NS in August and want to know which one would be better to run the apps on? I know the Evo is the 1st 4g phone to Sprint..but my understanding is 4g won't be in my market yet for a bit, so I don't know if thats a factor I should consider? The Evo's screen is much bigger than that of the BBs but I am not a huge fan of touch screens (had a Samsung Instinct and the screen became "insensitive" in some places so I could no longer dial numbers, use certain letters in text, etc). I'm sure technology has advanced farther than my Instinct days but its all so confusing! HELP! haha.
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  3. by   MzKGoRN
    I have the HTC incredible and my husband has the HTC EVO, they are the same except the EVO is better in some ways. I would say for nursing apps get the HTC EVO instead of the BB tour. There is so much you can with this phone its unbelievable. The touch screen is not sensitive at all. There is different keyboards in the app store to make texting easy. I use shape writer, its like swipe super cool. The phone locks when you are the phone so you can't hit numbers or hang up on a caller while holding a conversation. Whatever the EVO doesn't have that u need the app market will have it. I could go on and on but the decision is up to you lol. I use my phone for work related and play.
    I love the Android platform so much that i bought my teenage son the HTC Hero from Sprint. (I know I am crazy lol)
  4. by   lilag02
    I just got the Evo (day after it came out!) and I LOVE it! I'm starting NS in the fall and had read how helpful all of the apps can be. I really did my research, even considered different carriers to get the best platform, and decided to stay with Sprint (great service and best prices) and get the Evo. I had a Treo a few years ago and hated it. It just wasn't user friendly to me, so needless to say I did a ton of research before making my decision to spend $200 on a phone. And just thought I throw this out, many users of other platforms (iphone, BB, palm) have switched or are planning to switch to the Evo and/or Android...just drop by the Android Central forums and see for yourself.

    The touchscreen is very sensitive, I keep forgetting to lock the phone before I pick it up and my hand will brush the screen and open something. That's just me getting used to it though. I had no issues whatsoever getting my contacts set up (it syncs OTA with Google), and have found it very easy to understand and use the apps that I already have. My only complaint is that the camera lens is not recessed, and I worry that it'll get scratched so I've left the film on it for now. This will be a moot point once I get a cover on it.

    I can honestly say that this is by far the best phone that I have ever owned. Other than my Treo, I've always been one to buy whatever phone was on special at the time because I just couldn't justify spending so much on a phone and all the bells and whistles. With this one I have absolutely no regrets, even if I weren't going into NS, this phone would still get a heck of a lot of use! There are already apps for just about everything you can think of, and more are coming out everyday...and most are free or have a free version.

    Almost forgot, I let my mother-in-law (an RN) play with it, and she's decided to get one for herself, as well as one for my husband for his birthday. I really can't say enough good about this phone!

    Edited to add: Forgot to mention, I have the 4G turned off right now to conserve the battery. 4G is spotty in my area and it uses so much power searching for the signal that I just turned it off. However, even without the 4G, my phone is amazingly fast.
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  5. by   Mommaof3
    LOL you guys sold me! MzKRN...I just bought my son the Hero as well (he's only 10 ha) so I could see what the android platform does before I spend so much on the Evo! So I dont think you're crazy.
    Thanks for all the info Lilag02, I am definitely super excited to see what this can do for me as far as apps in NS go!
  6. by   lilag02
    We actually looked at getting the Hero instead--$29.99 at Best Buy!--but decided to skip it because the hardware may not be able to keep up with the future updates for two years. Also, epocrates requires Android 2.0 or higher, which the Hero did not have at the time, though it has since been updated to 2.1. I just wanted to make sure my phone would last through the two years of NS.

    Another tip, at my school, we don't start clinicals until the second semester, and a previous student advised me to hold off on buying Skyscape until I actually start clinicals, so as not to spend more money than necessary.

    Enjoy your new phone! And make sure you call ahead to whichever store you decide to buy from, apparently most are still sold out right now.
  7. by   Mommaof3
    Yes, I got the Hero for my son at best buy too. Seems like their phones are always cheaper than the actual Sprint stores. I can't actually do my upgrade til July 1st so hopefully they'll be in stock by then. Im excited about it now that Ive made up my mind. How silly to be so excited over a phone huh?! lol. We start clinicals our first semester in LTC so I will probably go ahead and download everything possible once school actually starts! Cant wait to start either! Thanks for the info!
  8. by   lilag02
    I also love that Best Buy doesn't do mail in rebates...why on Earth did Sprint decide to start doing that?! If you're silly for being excited, then I'm right there with you! I made the decision to get the Evo at the end of April and was going insane by the time the phone actually came out. My husband thought I was nuts, though now he's going through it too, since he can't get his until July 1st either. Good luck in NS! And again, I'm with you there...can't wait to start!
  9. by   Mommaof3
    Mail in rebates are just a way for them to make more money...because of people like....ME! When I bought my curve there was $100 or $150 rebate and I just never "found the time" to send it in! DOH! I hate mail in rebates with a passion.
    Im wondering if theres anyway to get Sprint to move the update up by 2 weeks hahaha. I think Im gonna have to try! Who knows, maybe it will work!!
    NS starts Aug 23rd for me and it seems forever away right now. But Im taking micro this summer so hopefully that will help the time to pass more quickly!
  10. by   lilag02
    There were a bunch of people on the forums that I looked at that got Sprint to move their date up a few's always worth a try. I'm going to try to get them to move my husband's up a week or so as well, so he can actually get it on his birthday instead of waiting.

    I nearly lost my rebate in the past, because like you I never found the time, and almost missed my deadline. Those darn things are just a pain in the rear! I hadn't even thought about them trying to make money off of them.

    Good luck in micro! I'm doing the same with pharm this summer (and epocrates has already come in handy!). Everyone says enjoy the summer since we won't have time once NS starts, but they must not remember the anticipation.
  11. by   Mommaof3
    Not only the anticipation but I want to have everything done so that next summer I can take a break from school perios!! Once NS starts I think it will be intense and we'll definitely need a break!!
    I called Sprint today and they said that they will move your upgrade date if you're within 2 weeks or 14 days of your upgrade. But I found out I have an available upgrade on another line so I signed up with Best Buy (because they're sold out right now) to get one in their next shipment...yay me!! haha
  12. by   lilag02
    Lucky you! I don't think I'll get but a three week break next summer! I start to miss school after much longer anyway, so hopefully it'll be enough to regroup.

    I saw several people getting the phone that way, too. Then they would just switch the phones to get them on the lines that they wanted. Thanks for the head's up about the two weeks though. My husband is due on the 1st as well, but his bday is the 26th, so hopefully they'll let us move him up those few days.

    Be sure to come back and post about how much you love your phone (because I'm confident you will love it). I checked out this forum as well before I decided on the Evo, so surely we're not the only ones considering it. And though the posts about Android helped, the Evo deserves some love too.
  13. by   Mommaof3
    I'm just dying to get my hands on one of these phones so I have called every electronics place I could think of that may have them in stock...NOBODY does...then I thought I'll order it from sprint themselves and just pay extra to have it overnighted to such luck...Sprint online is even sold out! AGH...Best Buy did tell me that they should have a shipment in this week...they said they typically get one every 5 that I know I can get one I am just beside myself! LOL.
    Yes, I will have everything except my core nursing courses completed after this Micro class that I'm taking so being able to take off next summer to spend some much needed time with the kiddos (after living and breathing NS for 2 semesters) will be wonderful!
  14. by   lilag02
    I feel ya...I was the same way, except my deal was that the phone wasn't even out yet. My husband seriously thought that I'd lost it, because I was lurking on all the Android forums and looking for news about the phone. Funny thing, now he's doing it too. My mom-in-law ordered hers tonight over the phone through Sprint, so you might try that. I think they told her it'd be 3-5 days to ship. Then again, Best Buy may have it again by then.

    All I have left is nursing classes too, and I still have to go next summer, since it's five semesters. There are five colleges in our system and ours is the only one that goes during the summer. I just keep consoling myself with the idea of three day work weeks and no longer having to tell my kids we can't afford/don't have time for the sports and stuff that they want to do. But man, that summer would be nice.

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