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Ok, so I know this page is full of all kinds of techie info and I've read the post about the HTC Incredible...Would that be comparable to the HTC Evo (Sprint)? I have a BB Curve right now..and have... Read More

  1. by   Mommaof3
    Haha I bet that break would be nice...Ive never heard of 5 straight semesters including the summer! That stinks. Is it BSN or ADN? Im just starting with my ADN and then going RN-BSN (theres a local college here that does it strictly online). Maybe thats the difference in our schools? Hmm. Interesting.

    Yeah, I thought about calling Sprint directly but Best buy told me they get a shipment every 5 days (or are supposed to) and I'm 3rd on the list so...Im hoping. Really its just silliness. I can't believe we are so nutso over a phone!

    Nursing will hopefully turn out to be a great career. I am scared though because of everything I see on here about New Grads having such a hard time finding jobs (some for a year + after graduation)...but I have 2 thoughts on this...1. I have checked all of my local hospitals and they are still hiring and 2. Hopefully in 2 years when we graduate the economy will be on the steady climb up. At least thats what I'm banking on. But the reality is nobody seems to know what to expect right now after all the hype of the "nursing shortage" and now thats a bust. Its scary to invest so much money and time and hard work into something that you have always wanted to do and not know that its going to land you a decent job afterwards! But oh if (when) it does, it will be a good career to have with kids I think.
  2. by   lilag02
    You're right. I felt silly the whole time that I was obsessing over the phone, but I just couldn't help myself. It really is a great phone though, I'm not a techie at all, and I have had no issues whatsoever using it. The only thing that is taking some getting used to is the screen and remembering to lock it when I'm not using it. Since it's so sensitive I was hitting all kinds of stuff if it wasn't locked.

    I'm doing the ADN too. This school is really just a different beast (five semesters, different pharm class, block program, etc.), but it's got a great reputation as far as turning out well prepared grads, so I'll take it and deal. We still end up getting a couple of weeks of break at the beginning of the summer and then again at the end, we just don't get the whole thing off.

    I'm pretty concerned about the job market too, but like you, I'm hoping things change in the next two years. I've also checked the job postings, and we have two new huge hospitals opening up about 15 minutes away, so my fingers are crossed. I know a couple of RN's, so I'll be having them keep there eyes and ears open for me when the time comes, and then there are always clinicals and building relationships there.
  3. by   lizv
    hey guys! This phone is AWESOME. I love it so much and think I will have to have a 4.3 inch screen for my future phones :P Just a heads up, if you guys haven't gotten your phones has a special on them.

    15% Discount Monthly Recurring Fees
    Waived Activation Fee
    Free Shipping
    $50.00 Credit to New Accounts

    They may be short on handsets, but if you're not anxious, and willing to wait a week or two to save some money...this is the route to go! I was too anxious and pre-ordered at Radio Shack. :P

    You guys will love the phone, it's a beauty.
  4. by   Mommaof3
    I can't find any in stock ANYWHERE! I am on waiting lists at best buys and radio shacks! lol. This is complete insanity!
  5. by   Mommaof3
    Ok ladies...I got my phone last Wednesday...and I must say...I'm slightly disappointed. I get terrible reception in my school (my BB curve was just fine only slightly spotty inside the school), It does not have all of the facebook features that my BB had (I know thats silly but I love FB haha), I am constantly sending the wrong text messages because of the predictor thingy, I cant set my ringtone for text messages as anything other than the preloaded stuff. I love the dual the apps with the free ring tones, love the speech to text thing (although it makes alotta mistakes with my southern drawl), love the fast internet....but I am seriously considering exchanging it for the BB Tour. I missing something??
  6. by   lilag02
    That's odd about the reception. Mine's actually slightly better than my other phone, which had a few spots in my house that were iffy. Those are now fine with the Evo. My husband is thrilled with his (finally got it yesterday!), but then again he had a crappy phone that dropped calls left and right.

    With the text predictor, you can choose the word where they pop up. The one in green is the one that will insert when you hit the space bar, unless you choose one of the others. You can also add to the dictionary, or even turn off the prediction, I believe. Oh, and you can download a different keyboard in the market too...I've seen Swype mentioned a ton.

    I know that there has to be a way to set the notification sounds as something else, since there are a ton of notification apps in the market. I haven't figured that out yet though.

    Which FB features are you missing? I would like to be able to send/receive msgs and see and post on my groups, and other than going to the actual FB webpage through the browser, I haven't figured that out yet. Like the others, there are other FB apps as well, I just haven't had a chance to really play with it yet.

    You may want to check out one of the Android forums, I like Android Central, but there are others. They have general Android & app forums, as well as device-specific forums. There are a lot of BB converts, too, that can probably help you with the things that you're missing.

    I'm sorry that you're disappointed right now, and I hope that I've helped some. The big bonus about Android is that if you don't like something about it, there's probably an app out there to change're not stuck with what HTC and Sprint gave you. I feel bad that you're not completely happy, since I raved about it, but I hope you don't give up just yet.
  7. by   Mrs.S1071
    I'm so glad I found this link. I was thinking of changing from my BB to the Evo. I wasnt sure if I could use the Epocrates program with it, but now hearing it is a droid type system it should work. I will be starting NS in Aug and wanted to get a jump on some of the supplies I would need. I was debating between getting the Evo or just re-uping my BB and getting an Itouch. Thanks for the info.

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