How to install Saunders NCLEX cd into my macbook air

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    How can I review NCLEX question when I can't even install the CD? Can someone point me out to the right direction? Does anyone else have this problem? Thank you for your help in advance
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    Does the cd have Mac compatible software? Did you check the Saunder's website for the Mac software?
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    worked for me on my macbook pro just fine
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    None of the nursing students that have done their clinical at our facility, had no problem either in performing this task...
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    Quote from Fumanchuesday
    worked for me on my macbook pro just fine
    What year is your MacBook? Is it running OS X Lion?
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    well can you help me out? because it says that powerpc softwares isnt supported anymore whenever i tried installing the CD..thanks for your help
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    MacBook Air does not have a CD/DVD drive.

    The Saunders CD is supposed to be Mac compatible; if it's not installing, I would suggest contacting Elsevier to see if they have a patch or an updated version to make it work with OS X Mountain Lion (assuming that's what you're running on the MacBook.) The book was published in 2011; OS X ML just came out recently.

    If that doesn't work, you might have to get a program like Parallels Desktop for your Mac that lets you run Windows software on your MacBook.
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